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Sprinkled Moon Dust in Your Hair

Twenty eight years ago today I became a father for the first time following my son Jonny joining the cast of this reality show called life. A rollercoaster of a gig that my boy has thus far weathered relatively well, arriving into adulthood as an engaging and grounded young man of whom I’m very proud. Never short of a whimsical putdown or a quip at his dad’s expense, Jonny is […]

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She Hasn’t Got Two Ha’Pennies……

In times of seemingly endless negative and disturbing news stories, escalating worldwide political/religious tensions, enduring personal family issues and my en suite light fitting breaking, seeking a pastime to raise the spirits becomes one of life’s necessities. With this in mind, not to mention a desire to ‘give something back’ for the treatment and support Karen has received from a cast of hundreds during her incurable illness, I’ve started collecting […]

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You’ve Missed A Bit, Gary!

It’s Sunday morning and the weather has finally got its act together. It’s good to look out onto my garden and see this meteorological change resulting in the daffodils, primulas, grape hyacinths and forget me nots taking on an altogether more upbeat body language. There is a kaleidoscopic display on show in the borders this spring morn. A veritable cornucopia of colour that not only makes one marvel at the […]

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Misty Water Coloured Memories

I don’t often write of serendipity. Not because I don’t have pleasant surprises now and again. After all, what could be more serendipitous  than my receipt of Anthony Worrell-Thompson underpants for Christmas………. That’s a brand by the way. They weren’t actually Anthony’s undies! ………….. I bloody hope not anyway!   My wee spouse Karen often talks of her bad luck when it comes to winning prizes in competitions. However, she […]

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That’s Another Fine Mess You Got Me Into!

Yesterday, I had a conversation with an old acquaintance about Christmas gifts. It wasn’t a long conversation, more me asking him “Where the chuff’s my Christmas present?!” Knowing I was joking he laughed and the conversation moved on. He confided in me he’d just undergone a minor hospital procedure to remove something on his head. I asked if it was a suspect growth that needed a biopsy. He responded “No, […]

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The Man With A Midas Touch

German born actor Gert Frobe, best known for his portrayal of the title character in the Bond movie Goldfinger, died on this day in 1988 at the age of 75. He passed away in Munich following a heart attack. As he laid in his hospital bed post attack, he is said to have asked the doctor if he would survive. His cardiologist responded menacingly, “No Mr Frobe, I expect you […]

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