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Shylock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Well if that’s the case I wish I’d have had revenge for dinner, as the lukewarm lasagne I’ve just eaten was chuffing awful! Karen’s home made lasagne is normally fantastic, but for some reason this evening it had the warmth of her mum. When she asked if I’d like parmesan cheese on the meal, I wanted to respond “No, but […]

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To Brother John Cor

The first known batch of Scotch whisky was recorded on this day in 1495. The distilled liquor’s inaugural mention in the annals of Scottish history is accredited to a Tironensian monk named John Cor, who resided at Lindores Abbey, Fife. The monk was a servant in King James IV court. I’d like to think he stumbled over the drink after being given the remit by his majesty to “Find something […]

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The Umpire of The North

This is my first blog for a few days as I’ve been away in the north east of England. To clarify, it’s not the case you’re not allowed to write blogs in the area; so there’s no need to try send me up there permanently. I’m alluding to the fact I have been otherwise engaged, so I’ve not had the opportunity to pen a narrative. I journeyed north on Sunday. I’d just […]

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A Songbird Sings But Walt Disnae

This time last year I was in the Aberdeenshire village from which my surname originated. Or at least it would have been if my name was Gary Lumphanan. Seriously, though, this time last year I’d just spent a relaxing first night at the Feughside Inn, in the picturesque village of Strachan. It was my first visit to the village of my forefathers and I felt an uncharacteristic excitement as I […]

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A Birthday Meal At Egon’s

My brother Ian was 51 yesterday. He asked me to include this in the event you haven’t sent his card or present yet…… Yes, I mean you in Felling!! The middle of the Strachan children is a good guy with great humanity and an unceasing generosity of spirit, who deserves good things in his life. He leads a temperate life, however he can occasionally be tempted by a glass of […]

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Luck Be A Lady Tonight… Or A Guy Even!

In a rare act of spontaneity, I booked a last minute theatre trip for my wife and I to see the show Guys & Dolls last night. To enhance the surprise for her I used a cunning ploy to keep the plans from her until as late as humanly possible…… I just didn’t tell her! Actually that isn’t strictly true. I did give Karen two snippets of information about our […]

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“I Definitely Might!”

I try hard to improve my vocabulary and introduce new words into my blogs. “Articulation is the essence of the lexicographer’s trade.” I was once told by an old acquaintance. He wasn’t the brightest though, he had ‘L’ and ‘R’ on his specs so he knew which way around to wear them, so I was initially sceptical of this advice. However, after further scrutiny it seemed his words had some […]

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