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Pokemon, General X and Thommo

Adolf Hitler, or it may have been Joseff Goebbels, was accredited with saying that if you told a lie big enough and frequent enough, people would eventually believe it. As kids, my siblings and I were told by our mater that if we told a lie big enough and frequent enough, we’d get a bloody good clip around the ear. Mark Twain apparently also received parental advice that if he […]

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Strachan The Quill

We had a family discussion this morning which broached upon the subject of the principality of Wales. The living room in Chez Strachan rang out with erudite verbal interactions, predominantly centring around the naming convention utilised by the Welsh back in the day. In particular, we discussed how we felt this nicknaming would manifest itself these days, where traditional job names sometimes take a back seat to contemporary monikers designed […]

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Who Do You Think You Are Kidding…

I’m home alone today as my wife and daughter are in London. They have ventured to where the streets are paved with gold to take in the Saturday matinee of a West End show. The theatre tickets and train fare were a 50th birthday gift to Karen from my daughter Rachel. My missus should think herself lucky as my 50th birthday gift from Rach was me topping up her mobile […]

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Accidental Art

I’ve just been tidying up the front garden with my wee missus. To clarify, I mean Karen assisted me in the task of improving the aesthetic visage of le jardin de la maison Strachan; not that I’d used her as a substitute to secuteurs, a rake and a lawn edger! Using my dad’s cordless hedge trimmer, I utilised my fledgling topiary skills to shape the bushes and hedges adorning our […]

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Talking Balearics

I travelled back to Blighty yesterday after an enjoyable seven days on the Balearic Island of Menorca. It was an unremarkable journey home, which started with an hours bus transfer from our hotel to Mahon airport. As with all airport transfers it was elongated by picking up fellow homeward bound holidaymakers from hostalries in our resort. With the early bus collection the passengers body language was one of tiredness, sadness […]

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Frontier Gibberish With Giscard

Today is my final full day in Menorca. It has to be said it’s been seven days of relaxation, lolling around, procrastination and the recharging of batteries. Yes you guessed it, such a tight ass I’ve been utilising the hotels power socket to render my rechargeable batteries fit for purpose again! Both Karen and I have found this to be a good hotel, with friendly staff, decent food, good quality […]

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I’ve just had cause to rebuke myself whilst laid around our hotel swimming pool. The self scolding became necessary after a random thought on seeing a topless women walk past my lounger. As someone firmly entrenched in middle age, when the women in question walked past my immediate thought was that she had majestic breasts. To clarify, this thought wasn’t intended to be lurid or self-gratifying. Moreover, that her boobs […]

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