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Moving The Drinks Cabinet

“O most pernicious woman! O villain, villain, smiling, damnèd villain! My tables—meet it is I set it down That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain ….”- Hamlet The above is a quote citing the treachery and disloyalty of Hamlet’s mother and his late father’s brother Claudius in a scene in Shakespeare’s ‘Danish play’. As one of the Bard’s most famous tragedies, the ‘Danish play’ has been compared […]

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Dress Code Tribulations

Dress code – The bastion of the officious or a necessary set of rules to maintain standards in more exclusive establishments? The subject was raised yesterday when Karen and I ventured to the White Rose Shopping Centre on the outskirts of south west Leeds. The mission I was set (should I choose to accept it, which I reluctantly did) was to purchase a smart pair of shorts as evening wear […]

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First World Problems

Once upon a time, an England football team being knocked out of a tournament would be the worst thing happening in my life. Once upon a time, I’d take it personally if my national side failed to progress to the latter stages of the World Cup or the European Championships. Ordinarily, this would lead to weeks of me sulking and feeling unbridled envy of the German, Brazilian, Italian and the […]

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Exceeding Expectations

Yesterday, I wrote my first blog on politics. It was a tome more serious than I normally pen which, if truth be told, I don’t enjoy writing as much. However, despite my reservations, I thought I’d challenge myself to write outside of my comfort zone. Despite my misgivings, I received glowing feedback from my wife on reading the piece after its publication on . She sat in silence while […]

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Vinyl Voyage of Nostalgia

Taking a trip down memory lane, embarking on a journey of nostalgia or venturing on an excursion of sentiment. I don’t know what you call times of fond reminiscence (oh you call it times of fond reminiscence), but my wife Karen and I embarked on one yesterday evening. The journey followed my impulse buy at Sainsburys’ of a record turntable and the retrieval of my album collection from my dad’s […]

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No Dessert For UK After Leaving Brussells

I woke this morning just before 5am. I knew it was that time because the big hand on my Anthony Worrell-Thompson alarm clock was on the twelve, and the little hand was on the five. It could have been 5pm I suppose, however with the limited longevity of my slumber I doubted it. Another clue it was the morning was the sun peeping voyeuristically through a crack in my east […]

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To Leave Or Not To Leave?

On this European Union (EU) Referendum day, I headed to the Polling Station early to vote this morning.  Clad in my tweed slacks and a brick patterned jacket that makes it look as though I’ve been stone cladded, I cut a dash as I left my house at 9am with my wife (Karen). Being indecisive, I changed my mind twice on the drive to the Polling Station but, after much […]

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