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Scoop Horsley

On several occasions I’ve penned about my teenage/early 20’s cricketing days while playing at Gateshead Fell cricket club (GFCC). Examples of which can be read in the narratives GFCC Juniors – Class of ’80, Unreliable Tales From The Pavilion, The Crowd Went Wild! Among these literary recollections I wrote fondly of the treble-winning GFCC under-18 team of 1980, captained by Neil Fraser. My comrades in arms, fighting alongside each other in the metaphorical […]

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Best Get Warmed Up, Mick!!

I learned many useful life lessons as a child growing up in Low Fell, Gateshead. Amongst them was when it came to playing table football games my brother Ian was a flaming cheat. Our kid will have his own version of these events, but will never convince me he flicked the small plastic player to ‘kick’ the giant football, which was clearly stipulated within the rules of the game. Instead […]

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Classic Memories

A 1970’s trip to the Low Fell Classic cinema always produced a few childhood hours to savour.  Situated about 50 yards from Cranstons jewellery shop and Reeds confectioners on the western side of Durham Road, this small three screened movie theatre wasn’t as sartorially impressive as, say, the Newcastle Odeon or the Newcastle Theatre Royal. However it bore the engaging and personal ambience only the diminutive local cinemas of that […]

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Body Language Beacons

I’m sat with the missus in one of the oncology unit waiting rooms of a Leeds Teaching Hospital. A four weekly jaunt we undertake so the ‘trouble and strife’ can undergo her monthly treatment. As the moment there’s only the two of us residing in the ‘linger lounge’. A couple of seats to my left my wife Karen has her head buried in a book called Maybe This Time; meanwhile […]

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Dartmouth Avenue Shops

In the 1970’s, the shops halfway along Low Fell’s Dartmouth Avenue were an almost daily destination of the young Gary Strachan. This mini retail outlet for Chowdenians***,  consisting of a group of four convenience stores which over the years included a Spar supermarket, an Off-licence, a hairdressers and a newsagent. *** – I’ve absolutely no idea if the correct collective term for people from the Chowdene estate is Chowdenians; however in […]

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Shopping Channel Shenanigans

As I write, my wife Karen is watching the QVC channel. With no sign of a phone within her close vicinity I’m hoping it’s merely for research purposes, not with a view to impulse buy a product we really don’t need. Something, we’re been guilty of when under the hypnotic influence of cable shopping channels. Our gung-ho approach too often resulting in justifying to each other the unneeded item purchased […]

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On The Street Where I Lived

I have often walked down the street before But the pavement always Stayed beneath my feet before. All at once am I Several stories high Knowing I’m on the street where you live. Alan Jay Lerner’s lyrics from the song ‘On The Street Where You Live’ from the 1956 musical stage production of My Fair Lady. A song sung by incorrigible young socialite Freddy Eynsford-Hill outside the residence of a […]

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