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Month: January 2018


I’ve just finished a very simple, but satisfying, breakfast of marmite on toast. It’s was by no stretch of the imagination a culinary masterpiece; such as the opulent fare that […]

Opera Without Soap

This morning the Facebook ‘On This Day’ app reminded me that two years ago today I received a ticket for The Marriage of Figaro…….. The unexpected jogging of my memory bringing to mind my elation upon receipt […]

Smoking Like A Fish

I wrote recently of my scepticism surrounding old wives tales. A mini diatribe not backed on any scientific fact, moreover sneering conclusions born from my ingrained middle-age cynicism. During that narrative, I carelessly omitted […]

Old Wives Tales – Discuss!

Yesterday I wrote of all things philosophy. Well not all things, I mainly conveyed the fictional philosophical words of wisdom by an equally fictional Frenchman named Aidan Le Torche. Today […]

Philosophically Speaking

Respected French philosopher Aidan Le Torche said of the weather “If it’s cold wear a coat….. If it’s warm don’t wear a coat….. If it’s mild wear a fleece, but […]

BACS To The Future

A couple of days in Bedfordshire with two long-term mates, has meant nostalgia, beer, Thai curry and pizza have been my metaphorical weekend mistresses. I first met these amiable chaps in 1983 when I started working at British […]
BACS To The Future