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Very Much Alive Poets Society

Yesterday, York racecourse was Mr & Mrs Strachan’s destination of choice. Ladies Day at the EBOR meeting our locale for a sensible flutter on the gee gees** and a swift shandy or two. ** – For the uninitiated, gee gees are horses not a Bee Gees tribute act. The enchanting Knavesmire course, scene of Dick Turpin’s hanging in 1739***, not to mention the place where in 2013 Mrs Karen Strachan […]

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Rendezvous With The Son & Heir

Yesterday, I ventured east on the A64 to the York Designer Outlet where I met up with my twentysomething son Jonny. An amiable young man, the fact he’s occasionally prepared to read my narratives, when his sister steadfastly refuses, contribute to making the Leeds lad my favoured offspring. I’m not upset about my daughter Rachel’s stance, but she won’t be laughing (rather like her brother reading my monologues) when my […]

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Gunpowder, Treason & Plot

I write this on the evening of a Sunday 5th November. An unremarkable day thus far where my existential contributions have been penning a daily blog, along with a colder than expected afternoon of autumnal garden maintenance. The quiet ambience of the day has recently acquiesced to an unpleasant din, a consequence of the intermittent sounds of boom, boom emanating from outside. A recurring cacophony that is really starting to do my head in……… It’s the last time I’m inviting Basil Brush to […]

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No Message Taken

The chapter of my life between 1988-1992 has featured heavily in my narratives this week. Memories predominantly evoked by a recent witnessing of a new movie charting the upturn in Leeds United’s fortunes during that era. During that same period, an early evening Saturday radio show was born on BBC Radio Five (later to become Five Live). I stumbled across this audio nugget by leaving the radio on at conclusion of Sports […]

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You Win Again

A journey east along A64 was the order of the day for my missus and me on Friday evening. Our trek was to see a show named You Win Again in the Minster city of York; a metropolis of beauty, history and manufacture of Kit-Kats. On arrival, after purchased a bouquet of flowers for my mater as a Mother’s Day present, we headed toward the restaurant Lucia’s for an early evening […]

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Bonding In The Minster’s Shadow

Recently, I visited York to see my son Jonny on his day off. It’s always a fillip to catch up with the lad who calls me dad……. He calls me some less flattering things as well, but they’ll remain within the family. Jonny and I took in lunch in one of York’s many fine eateries. It’s always a dear do feeding the lad, who assumes expensive tastes when his old […]

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Black Dog Day, Afternoon… And Evening

There are numerous metaphors used attempting to explain the challenges of living with depression. Descriptions of living in a void, experiencing hollowness, feelings of an explosion or fire in the head, as well as others surrounding self harm and increased awareness of ones own mortality. As I’ve written before, I have a friend with depression, who I recently attempted to engage in a discussion of his darker times. A self […]

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