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Four Trains & A Bus

I’m penning this literary offering in the English Lake District. An area of aesthetic charm bequeathed to the eye from it’s amalgam of rolling hills, quaint towns and some of our islands largest lakes south of Caledonia. A domain of slate roofed properties, Kendal Mint Cake and the only area in England where cuisine on a la carte menus is delivered in baskets….. Even the soup!. I’m a big fan […]

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Jukes of Hazard

Wednesday 20th June – Travelling back by train to Leeds from London last Sunday I commenced penning a narrative from the comfort of my perch in coach H. A piece of work I didn’t finish, it was an unashamedly ridiculous tale of the strategy I employ when selecting crisp flavours. With a packed coach on the train north providing a constant distracting chunter, concentration was an elusive mistress. Consequently, the […]

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On The Last Train To ……..

Friday 8th June – Yesterday, I spoke with a friend stricken by recurrent depressive disorder. A thought-provoking conversation where he revealed the mental lows regularly experienced in the dark corridors his erratic mind. This individual, who for the purposes of anonymity I’ll call Lord Smedley, told of his existence in this mental gutter. A solitary domain where he often resides until the metaphorical cavalry arrive in the shape of happier […]

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The 14.04 from Newcastle – A Tall Tale

My train journey back from Newcastle to Leeds on Sunday afternoon passed swiftly. My ninety minutes in situ of the Trans-Pennine locomotive predominantly spent writing, along with chatting to a diminutive middle-aged Gateshead woman en route to her daughter’s in Bradford. This lady, short of mane and even shorter of legs was initially an affable soul; appreciative of my offer to place her case in the carriages overhead luggage rack […]

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You Can Go Now!

It’s Monday morning. Seeking inspiration while perched on a dining chair in my parents dining room, I mull over what week commencing 10th July has in store for the Strachan brood. With the octogenarian family head still stricken post-surgery, we know our itinerary will include visits to the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). Additionally, on Friday, I’ve a scheduled 100 mile train journey; this north easterly sojourn welcome respite from the ongoing challenging circumstances being endured by my clan. All […]

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Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

I picked my brother Ian up from Leeds rail station this morning. When I met up with him, he was in good spirits as he’d written some song lyrics on his journey south from Newcastle. My younger sibling hasn’t shared his musical poetry with me yet, although I can’t wait to hear his 2016 Christmas song. Apparently, the work in progress title is ‘I’m Getting Shoes for Christmas’ which according […]

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An Anything But Brief Encounter

It was a dark unforgiving Lancastrian afternoon. In a scene not too dissimilar to Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson’s farewell in the 1945 movie Brief Encounter, an enamoured couple stood on the platform at Manchester Piccadilly railway station. In a matter of minutes the train would leave to distant parts. Tears welled in their ever reddening eyes, as they stood huddled against the cruel Mancunian elements. With sore eyes, his […]

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