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Rainbow Climbing High

My wife Karen announced earlier it’s rainbow trout for dinner tonight. I’m assuming she’s referring to the fact we’ll be consuming the fish species with colour reflecting scales. Aquatic craniate animal equally at home in salt or fresh water. Not that she’s following a trout recipe from a cookbook written by Zippy, Bungle and George! Personally, I’ve nothing against the puppet hippo, bloke in a bear suit and the zip […]

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Rogan Josh for Lorraine Kelly?

Thursday 26th April – Yesterday evening, my spouse treat me to a splendid birthday curry in a Leeds city centre eatery. Joined by my son Jonny and his fiancée Jenny, we were in good company, enhancing the overall ambience of the meal. A Chicken Tikka & Garlic Balti was the aforementioned curry that spent around twenty minutes pleasuring my taste buds. An Indian dish of such wonderful piquancy I genuinely […]

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A Pizza The Action

Sunday 15th April – Yesterday, the missus and I returned the upstairs chambers back to some semblance of tidiness, following the upheaval caused by the week’s decorating. A frustrating seven days or so where I couldn’t locate stuff due to errant piles of clothing, inaccessible drawers and furniture road blocks in various rooms. I also ventured to the local council tip with the bedroom carpet and underlay I removed in […]

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I’ve just finished a very simple, but satisfying, breakfast of marmite on toast. It’s was by no stretch of the imagination a culinary masterpiece; such as the opulent fare that would grace the recipe books of Jamie Oliver, James Martin or Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher. However, I found those two toasted pieces of bread smothered with vegemite a warming comfort food, meant my day started contentedly. Liam Gallagher (below) […]

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The Shoe Chef

The short break I’ve enjoyed from being hospital in-situ since my father’s passing came to it’s conclusion on Monday morning. An unavoidable consequence of my wife’s scheduled appointment with her oncologist at one of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (LTH). Thankfully, she (Karen) was promptly ushered into a consultation room shortly after our arrival, meaning only a brief wait. Mercifully, during her medical briefing, the oncologist informed Karen her scan results showed continued tumour stability. To everyone’s surprise this […]

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Two Soups & A Pot Noodle

In my newly acquired role of dissenter against the mainstream, I often cock a snook at the world and push existential boundaries to their limits with acts of wanton recklessness. Yesterday this growing list of daring doo was augmented after I fearlessly cooked a couple of batches of homemade soup. This novel role of dissenter pays poorly, but the hours are good and there’s a subsidised crèche. With my two kids being in their mid-20’s, I have no […]

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One I Prepared Earlier

Today’s writing companions are the sight and sound of chefs displaying their culinary excellence on TVs Saturday Kitchen…… Or it was until a female Spanish chef started carving up octopus, causing my missus to turn the TV off. I’m not sure what Karen finds so odious about the act of preparing a cephalopod mollusc for human consumption. However, I’m relieved she does as it means we won’t be having it for […]

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