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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

They journeyed from afar under an energy-sapping sun, parched and weary on arrival at their destination. The spent travellers odysseys made to congregate for a family feast among the east Leeds suburbs…… Well, they came from York and Wakefield anyway. The christian resurrection commemorated with sacrificed lamb, the up-coming birthday […]

Offspring’s Culinary Offering

On Sunday I ventured to York with my wife Karen, visiting the home of our son Jonathon. Our eldest offspring inviting us east along the A64 for Mother’s Day luncheon.  A welcome extended to treat his mater to a flavoursome meal, as opposed to the bland fodder he opines ordinarily grace […]

Celebration in the City

Part of our yesterday’s celebrations for Mrs S’s birthday were a cocktail at the Liquorist bar on Greek Street, along with lunch at Gino D’Campo’s restaurant on Park Row, Leeds. For the latter we were joined by our son Jonny and his fiancée Jenny. Sitting outside the cocktail bar beneath […]

Sshh, Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet….

For the first time in twenty eight years, Christmas Day in the Strachan home will be bereft of voices other than mine and that of my spouse, Karen. This situation not a consequence of a planned 24-hour sponsored family yuletide silence; an event which the missus and me had stubbornly refuse to participate in. Moreover, the […]

In A State Of Veg Rotation

I made a vegetarian pasta dish for the family tea tonight. Incidentally, despite finding the meal more than palatable, I want to be clear this isn’t the start of yours truly embracing vegetarianism.  To completely cut out the consumption of carnivorous cuisine would currently be too big a shift of […]

In The Shadow Of The Viaduct

I wrote yesterday of the first part of a trip I undertook with friends in the Yorkshire Dales at the weekend. It was a tale of inclement weather, trekking, camaraderie, wine gums and the skillful use of the word juxtaposition in paragraph eleven. Today I intend to try paint a […]