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Carry On D’Campoing

I dined out at Ginos restaurant on Park Row, in Leeds, yesterday evening. This sojourn, a date night with the missus involving consumption of an original Neapolitan pizza, a discussion about ferrets, along with a tribute to an entertainer from our youth…… My wife and me are nothing if not eclectic in our conversational topics. The original Neapolitan pizza, created bereft of tomato sauce, is a particular favourite of mine. […]

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The Shoe Chef

The short break I’ve enjoyed from being hospital in-situ since my father’s passing came to it’s conclusion on Monday morning. An unavoidable consequence of my wife’s scheduled appointment with her oncologist at one of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (LTH). Thankfully, she (Karen) was promptly ushered into a consultation room shortly after our arrival, meaning only a brief wait. Mercifully, during her medical briefing, the oncologist informed Karen her scan results showed continued tumour stability. To everyone’s surprise this […]

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Food For Thought

Ordinarily, my preference for my inaugural meal of the day is marmite on toast. On occasion, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I add a small tin of beans of the baked variety. A variety of Phaseolus vulgaris au jus tomato, which I find a flavoursome addition to the overall synergy of the recipe. I don’t always add the beans, I’m not that much of a culinary maverick, however I find occasionally they make […]

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Carry On D’Campo

On our way home from watching the matinee performance of The Commitments on Saturday, my wife and I dined at the new Gino D’Campo restaurant in the centre of Leeds. It was our inaugural visit to the TV chef’s eatery on Park Row, which brings a soupcon of the Mediterranean to West Yorkshire. A ‘soupcon of the day’ from the menu with it’s origins soaked in Italian culinary history. In […]

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Why Are You Wearing Flippers Mally?

On a couple of occasions recently I’ve had very pleasant lunches out,  courtesy of two different Christmas gifts. On Friday, my wife Karen and I had a two course lunch with drinks at a Country House hotel in the Vale of York, courtesy of my sister Helen. While yesterday Karen, my parents and I had afternoon tea for four at a riverside pub in York, utilising a voucher from family […]

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Fine Dining With Mike’s Moggy’s

Today the 4th February is World Cancer Day. Around the globe events are taking place to increase awareness, educate and raise funds for a multitude of the research and support charities that underpin the fight against this rancid disease. The people selflessly involved in today’s events do so with the objective of somehow making a difference to sufferer’s lives, be it preventative, clinical, supportive, curing or palliative. As my family’s […]

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