Celebration At Ardsley Kirk

I had a rare venture to church yesterday afternoon. A service to celebrate those who've passed and whose funerals had taken place at the venue during the previous twelve months. Amongst those being celebrated my father Malcolm. Amid the throng of similarly bereaved families, my mother, me and several family friends lit a candle for … Continue reading Celebration At Ardsley Kirk

Celebration in the City

Part of our yesterday's celebrations for Mrs S's birthday were a cocktail at the Liquorist bar on Greek Street, along with lunch at Gino D'Campo's restaurant on Park Row, Leeds. For the latter we were joined by our son Jonny and his fiancée Jenny. Sitting outside the cocktail bar beneath the midday solar rays, my … Continue reading Celebration in the City

Another Milestone

Today's the eighth birthday my diminutive wife has celebrated since her November 2010 prognosis, at the age of 44, indicating her condition would make it unlikely she'd celebrate many more 11th Junes.... Obviously, I'm paraphrasing as medical professionals would never use language as insensitive to a patient - The message though was the same. As … Continue reading Another Milestone

Raising a Glass to St George

It’s St George’s Day today. As I write, English people around the globe will be participating in a ‘knees up’ to celebrate the life of their patron saint. The Scots, Irish and Welsh will also be raising a glass today. Mind you, that isn't in honour of the English patron saint, moreover the result of liking a beer as much of us Anglos. I … Continue reading Raising a Glass to St George

Family Feasting In LS1

In what was an early birthday celebration for my daughter Rachel, the family spent a pleasant few hours in Leeds yesterday evening. With thirsts quenched by cocktails and beer in a Greek Street bar, we took an early evening saunter to Stockdales of Yorkshire where we’d booked a table for 7.30 pm. None of us had dined … Continue reading Family Feasting In LS1

Festive Drink Rewind

I was reminded earlier, during a visit to the social networking wonderland of Facebook,  that on this day a year ago I took a train journey up to Newcastle for a Christmas night with friends in the north east. This gentle memory jog transported me back to that rainy north east break, in the company of amiable bunch of guys who … Continue reading Festive Drink Rewind

The Stone Of No Return

Another day, another visit to the Bexley Wing at St James’ Hospital, this time for Karen’s four weekly treatment. I dread to think how many hours we have spent down there, or the Leeds General Infirmary, in the last five years. Bless her! While we waited today, we both tried guessing the cumulative time spent … Continue reading The Stone Of No Return