A Small Setback

Just over three weeks into my post-cardiac arrest recuperation, today's seen the first day I've experienced a setback. This complication a short term chest discomfort following a brisk twenty minute walk I took to the local Sainsburys store, where I'd arranged to meet up with my wife for coffee. This incident was fairly fleeting, however … Continue reading A Small Setback

Stating The Obvious

Yesterday I was the recipient of a scented candle Christmas gift. When ignited, this wax fragrance enhancer apparently emits an odour of wild mint. A welcome change from the usual cinnamon aroma that is generally the 'go to' candle scent chosen during the festive season. As yet I've not lit the candle; as a result … Continue reading Stating The Obvious

Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Wednesday 23rd May - I rarely attempt to pen a monologue around an epiphany of a blog heading. Ordinarily, the narrative title is the final element to the literary piece - Added after the selection of website categories and tags. Today, though, following an idea for a blog heading based on the Guy Ritchie movie … Continue reading Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Strachan’s Shopping Centre Slackness

Friday 18th May - Yesterday afternoon, during an odyssey to Leeds' White Rose Shopping Centre, I mislaid the key fob adorning my car and house keys. If I'd have been a prison warden from nearby Armley Jail, who'd misplaced a key ring bearing cell keys for B Wing (or indeed any other cells), this laxness … Continue reading Strachan’s Shopping Centre Slackness

The Big Lie

Monday 30th April - The moribund month is at it's dusk - In a few hours April will take a terminal breath, passing over the 2018 calendar baton to May. According to a lad with whom I attended Heathfield Senior High School in the late 1970's, the month of May was named after his great … Continue reading The Big Lie

Weather Sucks; Wetherspoons

Tuesday 17th April - Yesterdays rocketing temperatures in West Yorkshire meant I was able to fulfil my much awaited re-entry into the world of horticultural maintenance. Solar rays bequeathing us warmth hitherto unexperienced in 2018. Heat of such ferocity if you sat close enough to a fire pit it was just about bearable enough to … Continue reading Weather Sucks; Wetherspoons

Again With The Lumbar Pain!

Monday 16th April - Stretching for a component part of the chiminea I was constructing, I tweaked my back this morning. The building of the fire pit not a particularly onerous task in itself, however the recurring twinges post-tweak made it a fairly uncomfortable undertaking. Akin to smaller aftershocks that can cause further disruption after … Continue reading Again With The Lumbar Pain!