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A Matter of Trust

Dank weather envelopes West Yorkshire this Tuesday morning. Or at least it did until a few moments ago when solar rays briefly emanated from an axe wound shaped aperture in overhead cloud formations, prior to swiftly teleporting back to whence it came. The first paragraph not the most exciting thing you’ll ever read. However, stick with me and I’ll endeavour to raise the interestingness level of the remaining prose to […]

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A Small Setback

Just over three weeks into my post-cardiac arrest recuperation, today’s seen the first day I’ve experienced a setback. This complication a short term chest discomfort following a brisk twenty minute walk I took to the local Sainsburys store, where I’d arranged to meet up with my wife for coffee. This incident was fairly fleeting, however enough to necessitate the inaugural use of my GTN. There was no pomp and circumstance […]

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Stating The Obvious

Yesterday I was the recipient of a scented candle Christmas gift. When ignited, this wax fragrance enhancer apparently emits an odour of wild mint. A welcome change from the usual cinnamon aroma that is generally the ‘go to’ candle scent chosen during the festive season. As yet I’ve not lit the candle; as a result I’m currently unable to evaluate the beauty, or otherwise, of it’s odour. Consequently, I’ve no […]

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Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Wednesday 23rd May – I rarely attempt to pen a monologue around an epiphany of a blog heading. Ordinarily, the narrative title is the final element to the literary piece – Added after the selection of website categories and tags. Today, though, following an idea for a blog heading based on the Guy Ritchie movie titled Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, I thought I’d attempt to take a break […]

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Strachan’s Shopping Centre Slackness

Friday 18th May – Yesterday afternoon, during an odyssey to Leeds’ White Rose Shopping Centre, I mislaid the key fob adorning my car and house keys. If I’d have been a prison warden from nearby Armley Jail, who’d misplaced a key ring bearing cell keys for B Wing (or indeed any other cells), this laxness would have been a major incident – Possibly requiring the HM Prison to invoke disaster […]

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The Big Lie

Monday 30th April – The moribund month is at it’s dusk – In a few hours April will take a terminal breath, passing over the 2018 calendar baton to May. According to a lad with whom I attended Heathfield Senior High School in the late 1970’s, the month of May was named after his great aunt from Wallsend……. As his aunt was called Geraldine not May, and he was a […]

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Weather Sucks; Wetherspoons

Tuesday 17th April – Yesterdays rocketing temperatures in West Yorkshire meant I was able to fulfil my much awaited re-entry into the world of horticultural maintenance. Solar rays bequeathing us warmth hitherto unexperienced in 2018. Heat of such ferocity if you sat close enough to a fire pit it was just about bearable enough to sit at the patio table. That being said, coats or excessive bodily hirsuteness were still […]

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