Penny Lane

I was a few months short of my fourth birthday when The Beatles released their progressive pop offering Penny Lane. A song for which, even with naivety consequential from my then pre-school vantage point, I possessed a great fondness - An affinity which has remained with me for the next half century. Whenever I hear … Continue reading Penny Lane

Watch The Step Outside Schofields!

Fifty three years ago today the late morning Leeds sky was festooned with storm clouds. They had gathered with intent above the aging buildings of the Hyde Terrace maternity hospital. What that intent was no one who was around that day knows, but there was something unnerving in the air. It hung over the city … Continue reading Watch The Step Outside Schofields!

“It’s All Happening!”

It’s actor Sir Tom Courtney’s 78th birthday today. Born in Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, the knight of the realm’s critically acclaimed first appearance on that day won him the following rave reviews:-. “A superb entrance! ****” – Reighton Gap Courier. “A rousing first appearance. His strong projection bodes well for his future … Continue reading “It’s All Happening!”

Sat Nursing A Rich Tea

I’m endeavouring to catch the recently released movie The Lady In The Van at some point this week. Based on a memoir of Leeds born writer/performer Alan Bennett, it tells the story of a transient woman who lives in her van on the writers drive in London for 15 years. I was told by an … Continue reading Sat Nursing A Rich Tea