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iBobbing for Apples

Tonight, All Hallows’ Evening will be celebrated in a number of countries around the globe. A time of fancy dress, imaginatively sculptured pumpkins and hyper kids not sleeping after eating six bags of Haribo gummy bears, four lollies and eighteen sherbet dips. Blimey, I’m showing my age there. I’m not even sure you can still purchase sherbet dips. If not the kids are missing out on confectionery that fuelled hours of my childhood […]

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Chez Strachan’s Chupa-Ware Party

I’m penning today’s narrative whilst consuming large quantities of left over candy from Halloween. Thankfully this year we bought in sweets the family liked, meaning if there was any confectionery unclaimed by trick or treaters it wouldn’t be wasted, as it was in 2015.  Last year we bought boiled sweet lollipops as Halloween treats for our costume clad visitors. At the end of All Hallows’ Eve, there were several stick laden sweets left, which due to family indifference sat […]

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All Hallows’ Eves of Yore

It’s Halloween, or “A neet fir scraggsers and kets” as an elderly acquaintance bafflingly labels it. A night where ancient pagan liturgy meets with the contemporary ritual of sugar fuelled kids in scary costume. This evening in various parts of the globe, homes will ring to the annual sound of millions of doorbells and cries of ‘Trick or Treat!”…… Apart from in the maverick People’s Republic of Birtley where the kids are encouraged to thumb […]

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I’m Going As Peter Beardsley!

Whilst viewing recent Halloween photos on my Facebook timeline, it struck me the time and trouble people go to these days with their costumes and makeup. I’m not one for going overboard with praise, however, I’d go as far as saying some of them were absolutely not bad! Only kidding, there were some great outfits and a considerable effort put into their make up by people. That is apart from […]

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Bobbing For Apples

It’s Halloween in several countries today. A time of fancy dress, decorating of pumpkins and kids being hyper after eating six bags of Haribo gummy bears, four lollies and eighteen sherbet dips! Blimey, I’m showing my age there! Can you still get sherbet dips? In my youth, hours of football and cricket were fueled by sherbet dips. I’m not sure if they can be classed as a performance enhancing drug. […]

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