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The Second Miracle of Headingley

Prior to World War II (WWII), World War I (WWI) went by the moniker of the Great War. For a conflict which bore absolutely nothing great about it, a misnomer on the most grotesque scale. Calling it a war is even questionable in some commentators eyes. After all, the obscenity of some warfare strategies employed between 1914-1918 were little short of serving troops up as cannon fodder. Less a war, moreover […]

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Leaving His Mark

What I witnessed yesterday was utterly unmistakeable. Printed handwriting of draughtsman like quality I’d seen on innumerable occasions during the half century of my existence. This chance sight that of my late father’s forensically neat scription. Words transposed onto an old DVD player case by ultraviolet indelible marker, the catalyst to manifestations of a whole spectrum of emotions and questions. One of the queries being why, after 20 years of […]

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Along with Monday evenings warm breeze, solar rays act as suburban Wakefield’s current meteorological consorts. Through opened French doors which allow exposure to outside’s temperate airflow, my audio companions are cutlery clanking on crockery produced by neighbours dining alfresco, chirping garden birds and the distant rumble of tyres on the nearby M1. There are other noises emanating into my domain via les portes ouverte, however I’m unable to state with any […]

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Avenues & Alleyways

This time tomorrow I’ll be Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) in situ undergoing an exploratory angiogram procedure. A followup op to an investigative treadmill stress test I underwent a couple of months ago. That being said, I’m not overly daunted that in twenty four hours time my radial artery will be punctured to allow a camera to examine the highways and byways around my coronary arteries. Why should I be?….. I […]

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Kashyyyk’s Got Talent

In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a major problem. That being said, I’ve got to admit I was slightly disturbed to witness my mum dressed in almost identical coloured t-shirt and slacks as me when, today, picking her up from her local community centre coffee morning. A stop I made prior to our onward destination to the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC), where Mrs S senior was to […]

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Dark Satanic Moor

Like the nearby mills alluded to in the William Blake poem ‘And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time’, Saddleworth Moor on the Yorkshire/Lancashire borders is a dark and satanic vision. This morning, after twice witnessing the foreboding scenery, during a trip across the Pennine to collect my mother from my Macclesfield based sister Helen, I felt moved to pen about this stark north Peak District moorland. In particular, an apparent possession of […]

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Long Live The King!!

It’s another humid day in the West Yorkshire metropolis I affectionately call home. For the third occasion this week, I’m penning my daily narrative at a coffee house within the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC) located south of the city. Once again, the audio companions to my penmanship are the muffled conversations of Costa customers and day-to-day murmurs of WRSC patrons roaming the shopping mall in search of bargains and/or […]

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