Schooldays Beside The Old Oak Field

"Who wants a game of Japs and Commandos?.... Who wants a game of Japs and Commandos?" A schoolyard enquiry frequently heard at Oakfield Junior School during my fledgling education years of 1968-1974. A chant ordinarily started at breaktime by a small number of boys intent on attracting recruits for their game. A query made by … Continue reading Schooldays Beside The Old Oak Field

Breckenbeds Fields Forever?

Earlier today I published a narrative bequeathing it's discerning reader unreliable anecdotes from my junior high schooldays. These notions manifesting from the depths of my capricious mind; embellished by fictional addendums sourced from a neurological chamber with a door titled 'Random'. Breckenbeds Junior High on Saltwell Road in south Gateshead the subject of that ramble. … Continue reading Breckenbeds Fields Forever?

Breckers Aren’t Useless

Within the past few days I've shared a trilogy of narratives (Lunchtime Lounging At The Griddle, …. And The Teachers Get The Money! & Duck!!) regarding whimsical, partly fictional, recollections of the Gateshead senior high school I attended between 1977-79. This education establishment, which became victim to the wrecking ball a couple of decades ago, going by … Continue reading Breckers Aren’t Useless


Today's literary effort sees the third in a trilogy of tongue in cheek narratives surrounding my attendance at Heathfield Senior High School on Low Fell, Gateshead. Sadly for the reader, my trinity of completed works isn't as entertaining as, say, the original Star Wars or Back to The Future trilogies. In my defence, though, I'm … Continue reading Duck!!

Basking In The Glory

Sunday 6th May - In Friday's narrative The Last Ship I penned a parody review of Sting's theatre production of the same name. A thought-provoking drama infused with music manifesting from the creatively fertile mind of the ex-Police frontman. Within the monologue of this offering I omitted to mention that during a former life Sting taught … Continue reading Basking In The Glory

Scaling The Learning Curve

The unerring beauty of Sophie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has graced chez Strachan for the past 24 hours. Our copper and cream furred guest furnishing my spouse and me with love, companionship and much needed exercise. Although we'd previously cared for our wee chum, my wife Karen and I have never owned a dog; … Continue reading Scaling The Learning Curve

Where It All Started

I'm now within three blogs of no longer penning these daily narratives. With this literary project coming to an end, today I've unearthed the first blog I wrote on 28th March 2015; the date I established my website Reading the piece, it's interesting to revisit my goals and aspirations on the inception of the project; not to mention expectations of output capability. One thing … Continue reading Where It All Started