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Hectic Times For AWA

Yesterday saw a drive to a Leeds Teaching Hospital for my wife to receive her four weekly oncology treatment, followed by an afternoon escorting mater food shopping at the White Rose Centre in Leeds. Today, there’s gardening for the aforementioned Mrs Strachan senior, before a brief sojourn to the suburbs of York for some minor decorating tasks with my son. It’s been a hectic few days. Two of which so […]

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Malcolm’s Garden

Les jardin des mille memoires – The garden of a thousand memories, my once a week domain where I undertake maintenance of my late father’s flora and fauna. It’s a place where over the thirty years the old man built a sturdy retaining wall out of Yorkshire stone, along with lovingly tendering borders of hardy perennials and bedding plants. The wall so robust that, despite being built one score and […]

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Chronicles From Around The Cauldron

Yesterday I wrote of all things philosophical. Well not all things, I mainly conveyed the fictional philosophy imparted by an equally fictional Frenchman named Aidan Le Torche. Today I want to touch upon the lower end of the guidance/advice market by discussing old wives tales. Depending on your inclination, these sound bites of yore are advocated as gospel truth to be followed to the letter, whereas others dismiss them as […]

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It’s February 13th today. Not a notable day as such, unless it’s your birthday or you win tonight’s lottery, or perhaps are a scientist who during the day discovers the chemical element plumium. If today had been a Friday it would have assumed an altogether high profile in the psyche of the superstitious. Individuals who subscribe to tales of folklore; those holding great store by fabled bad luck omens passed down […]

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Ronan Keating Wasn’t Built In A Day!

I wrote recently of my scepticism surrounding old wives tales! During that mini diatribe, I carelessly omitted to touch on the comedic value of these superstitious folk tales when misquoted! As with mixed metaphors and idioms, there is something inherently funny about people attempting to impart words of wisdom, only for them to incorrectly delivered! I have an acquaintance who can be relied upon to regularly amuse with inadvertently incorrect […]

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Tales Of The Unexpected

Yesterday I wrote of all things philosophy. Well not all things, I mainly conveyed the fictional philosophical words of wisdom by an equally fictional Frenchman named Aidan Le Torche. Today I want to touch upon the lower end of philosophy market. I’m referring to old wives tales which, depending on your inclination, are advocated as gospel truth or dismissed as absurd. They are generational pearls of wisdom that are bequeathed […]

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