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Shopping Channel Shenanigans

As I write, my wife Karen is watching the QVC channel. With no sign of a phone within her close vicinity I’m hoping it’s merely for research purposes, not with a view to impulse buy a product we really don’t need. Something, we’re been guilty of when under the hypnotic influence of cable shopping channels. Our gung-ho approach too often resulting in justifying to each other the unneeded item purchased […]

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Making A Spectacle

Yesterday was a slow news day for Garfield Strachan. Apart from an impulse buy of some new spectacles, a beard trim and making up that my christian name is Garfield, there is nothing overly exciting to report from my Friday. The spectacles were an unintended expense during a venture into the opticians to pick up my monthly contact lenses. To clarify, I don’t wear glasses all the time, I only need […]

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Au Revoir Netty

Today marks the penning of the inaugural blog on my new netbook. The ideapad I purchased was an impulse buy after finally losing patience with the ever worsening response times of its trusty old predecessor. Despite displaying the response speed of a Leeds United central defender, I persevered for months with my old device with its no longer supported operating system (Windows XP) and doddering ways. However when, due to […]

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