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No Message Taken

The chapter of my life between 1988-1992 has featured heavily in my narratives this week. Memories predominantly evoked by a recent witnessing of a new movie charting the upturn in Leeds […]
No Message Taken

You Win Again

A journey east along A64 was the order of the day for my missus and me on Friday evening. Our trek was to see a show named You Win Again […]

A Pointless Prize

Having just watched BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt, a couple of things immediately struck me. Firstly, my already held opinion of how rubbish Auntie Beeb’s competition prizes are was further endorsed. Secondly, that I’ll […]

My Musical Sibling

This morning, courtesy of social media, I reheard (or heard for the first time) a bunch of tunes recorded in the 80s/90s by a group made up of friends. They were/are […]


Being ‘on my tod’ over the weekend has allowed me a period of reflection on matters existential. Some quiet time to recharge my batteries and learn the words to Sinatra’s […]

Pancake Day Ponderings

After a period of procrastination, today I finally bit the bullet and purchased a tin of gloss and emulsion. A move meaning I can now begrudgingly undertake the oft postponed decorating on […]

Not Now Arthur!

Last week I wrote about my daughter Rachel naming a star after her mum as a Christmas gift. It was a loving gesture that touched our hearts, bringing a tear to the green […]
Not Now Arthur!