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Shine On Keith Moon

I’d my twice yearly dental check-up yesterday afternoon. After a disastrous start to the year health wise, an appointment where I’d factored in arriving ten minutes early, allowing time to update my medical history on the practise’s records. Predominantly to disclose the now lengthy list of medication I now consume on […]

Say Aaargh!

I’ve just returned from my six-monthly dental check-up. To call visits to orthodontists calming or serene would be over-egging the pudding, however they are significantly more bearable than those of my childhood. During those fledgling years, treatment on my teeth was administered by an elderly guy called Mr Gravestone. An […]

Say Ahhh……

I had a wisdom tooth extracted earlier in the week. It wasn’t decaying, but I asked for it to be removed as it was catching the inside of my cheek, which was starting to cause me discomfort…… Although, it has to be said, not the discomfort I got from seeing the bill […]

Pound Shops, Eaten by Lions & Cliff

It’s Saturday morning in East Leeds. Well, not just East Leeds, in Europe as a whole ….. Apart from Hull which has its own time zone. It is currently 10pm on 23rd October 1976 on Humberside ……. I seek inspiration but I currently only achieve perspiration. Amongst the ever dwindling […]