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Serenity in Stanley

Since embarking on this literary voyage, I’ve written these tales of inanity in a multitude of establishments. Today’s offering is being penned in, or just outside, my moribund dad’s room […]

A Landmark of Sorts

Today’s narrative is the 600th blog I’ve written since I started my website around twenty two months ago. Although not an easy task penning these monologues, it’s been a journey […]

A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

Midday, 17th September 2016. Two guys sit in an automobile on the driveway of a semi-detached house in a Bedfordshire town. Their plan to utilise Saturday’s free time embarking on a […]

Grandad’s Trilby

Today, I sought topic inspiration for this blog by asking my diminutive spouse to tell me the first thing that entered her head; informing her I would use what she replied with as the subject […]
Grandad’s Trilby

A Few Of My Favourite Things

There is a paucity of good cheer in chez Strachan at the moment. Uncertainty in many aspects of Karen’s and my life all currently contribute to a melting pot of […]

Motoring Misery With Mally!

With an early departure to Birmingham scheduled this morning for the Mally (my dad) and me, I decided an earlier start would be gained by kipping at my mum and dads last night. During […]

Roots Dictate Rooting for Root

Tomorrow I’m taking my dad down to Birmingham for the t20 Blast cricket finals day. As a big Yorkshire cricket fan, Mally is chuffed that he will get to see […]

What A Carry On!

I’m having my boiler replaced today. Incidentally, that’s the house boiler not mine!…… I’m not equipped with a boiler; not since I had it removed after problems with my flue!……. […]
What A Carry On!