Serenity in Stanley

Since embarking on this literary voyage, I've written these tales of inanity in a multitude of establishments. Today's offering is being penned in, or just outside, my moribund dad's room in a West Yorkshire hospice. The circumambulating atmosphere a justapos of the distressing sight of witnessing a loved one's suffering in the last hours of … Continue reading Serenity in Stanley

A Landmark of Sorts

Today’s narrative is the 600th blog I've written since I started my website around twenty two months ago. Although not an easy task penning these monologues, it’s been a journey which I’ve predominantly enjoyed. Well, apart from blog number 412 which left me saddle sore following my foolhardy decision to write it on horseback! I first started … Continue reading A Landmark of Sorts

A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

Midday, 17th September 2016. Two guys sit in an automobile on the driveway of a semi-detached house in a Bedfordshire town. Their plan to utilise Saturday's free time embarking on a journey back in time. Unlike a fresh faced Marty McFly and eccentric elderly scientist Doc Brown in the movie Back to The Future, the two … Continue reading A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

Grandad’s Trilby

Today, I sought topic inspiration for this blog by asking my diminutive spouse to tell me the first thing that entered her head; informing her I would use what she replied with as the subject of the narrative aujourd’hui. To my surprise she responded “The neurophysiological pathology and clinical advancements of stem cell science.” Karen can be a real dark … Continue reading Grandad’s Trilby

It’s All In The Nickname

Public schools, the breeding ground of our future leaders, captains of industry and an elite who will save us the energy of thinking for ourselves while they subliminally mould us into acquiescence. Let me begin by saying, as a man who was educated at comprehensive schools in 1970’s Gateshead, in the north east of England, … Continue reading It’s All In The Nickname

A Few Of My Favourite Things

There is a paucity of good cheer in chez Strachan at the moment. Uncertainty in many aspects of Karen’s and my life all currently contribute to a melting pot of uneasiness; causing self-doubt and the taunting our minds. Focussing on things we can change has to be our priority. However, a combination of concerns creates … Continue reading A Few Of My Favourite Things

Motoring Misery With Mally!

With an early departure to Birmingham scheduled this morning for the Mally (my dad) and me, I decided an earlier start would be gained by kipping at my mum and dads last night. During the 16 hours or so at chez Strachan senior, something quite profound dawned on yours truly regarding elderly peoples hearing. After a series of recent … Continue reading Motoring Misery With Mally!