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A Slow News Day

I’ve got the last lawn cuts of the year to undertake today. It’s barely a event that will gain a mention on the national TV news (or indeed locally) unless it’s an […]
A Slow News Day

The Spanish Inquisition

The first episode of Monty Pythons Flying Circus aired on this day in 1969. The ground breaking sketch based comedy, written and performed by Oxbridge graduates John Cleese, Michael Palin, […]

The Black Puddings Black Today, Mother!

In one of their 1970’s comedy episodes of Ripping Yarns, writers Michael Palin and Terry Jones gave us an insight into the life of a fictional post-WWI working class Yorkshire family. In an […]

A Pointless Prize

Having just watched BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt, a couple of things immediately struck me. Firstly, my already held opinion of how rubbish Auntie Beeb’s competition prizes are was further endorsed. Secondly, that I’ll […]


Door number 2 on the advent calendar in chez Strachan has just been opened. It was preceded by a formal ceremony, during which the band of the Coldstream Guards played a […]

Dear BBC….

I’m feeling inordinately disorientated this morning. Allied to continually losing my thread, I’m asking ill thought out questions of the people I engage with on this chilly West Yorkshire day. […]

Strachan The Quill

We had a family discussion this morning which broached upon the subject of the principality of Wales. The living room in Chez Strachan rang out with erudite verbal interactions, predominantly […]
Strachan The Quill