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Separating The Wheat

Needing the back lawn mowing prior to this afternoons predicted rain, GJ Strachan’s been delayed an hour or so in commencing this journal. My sardonic notions put on pause whilst […]

Owing It To Myself

An acquaintance recently felt moved to express wonderment at the prolificacy yours truly displays with the quantity of blogs I produce. I’d have liked them to have prefixed the word […]

Frame Yourself!

It’s got to be said, unearthing fresh topics for these daily journals of life under COVID’s oppressive grip can be exacting. With events echoing the previous days episodes, even groundhogs […]

Dante’s Inferno On Planet COVID

In a conscious effort to prove late Saturday evening’s needn’t be boring on Planet COVID, after watching a dramatic Huddersfield Giants v Warrington Wolves rugby league game, I watched a […]

Saturday, Getting Fatter Day

Yesterday evening, a section of my aural soundscape was taken up with the words:- “Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood […]

Chaka Khan, But Adele Can’t

“True of False – Chaka Khan, but Adele can’t?” A question yours truly raised to buddies during the intentionally absurd round of entertainment questions I posed during yesterday evening’s Zoom […]