Collected Thoughts & Donations From the Aisles

Yesterday I undertook some collecting at a local M&S store on behalf of MacMillan Cancer Support.

In times of wall to wall political disillusionment, war, conflicts and lack of Pontefract Cakes in my local  store, seeing the generosity of these customers restores some faith in humanity. 

Their selflessness in the face of having to shop further afield for Pontefract Cakes is truly humbling.

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We Brits are a generous bunch, though, whose benevolence preserves the functioning of many charitable organisations.

My father-in-law is a classic example of the populous’ philanthropism throughout these sceptred isles’. Not only has he been a supportive rock during the six years from his daughter’s diagnosis of incurable illness (his one visit in 2011 was overwhelming); but this magnanimous man is to release a Christmas single to raise funds for various worthy causes.

The song, which is currently being recorded and titled ‘Felicitations From Birtley Golf Club’, should be in shops and online at the end of November. With the version translated from Gibberish to English being available the following week.

He and his band ‘Masonic Handshake’, with their unorthodox crooked guitar playing style,  seek to take advantage of the time of year when novelty records are embraced by the public, with their goal the prestigious Christmas No 1.

Anyway, I’ll move on, returning to basking in the glory of the benevolence of my father-in-law nearer the time of the big occasion….. That’s the release of his single not him visiting his terminally ill offspring.

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With regards to yesterday’s collection at my local M&S store, the generous donations received resulted in after a two hour stint with the collection bucket, MacMillan were better off to the tune of £106.07……. Which is an improvement on being better off to the tune of ‘Felicitations From Birtley Golf Club’!

One of my adult daughter friend’s, Laura will no doubt be impressed with the amount I’ve raised. She was so overwhelmed when a friend and I raised over £400 for MacMillan last year she went a bit overboard by exclaiming “It’s better than nowt!”

The feet grounding response of Rachel’s chum may not have raised any money, however, it certainly raised a smile in chez Strachan.

It’s not just the charity that benefits from my collections, I personally get a heck of a lot self satisfaction from my voluntary stints (this was my fifth collection for different charitable beneficiaries this year).

MacMillan have been a key player in supporting my courageous spouse during this unwanted  journey. To give up my time to play a small part in raising money for her support benefactors is the least I can do.

I’d recommend to anyone, who isn’t subject to alternative engagements or obligations, to spend some time undertaking voluntary work for charities. There isn’t much that lifts you more than feeling you’ve made a difference. Something that was sadly lacking in my working life.

To clarify I don’t want a medal for my voluntary work!……. Just a bag of Pontefract Cakes!


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