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Take a Look at the 5 and 10…..

December’s here. The wait is finally over for me to find out which word of profanity is behind the first door on my Gordon Ramsey advent calendar. Amongst today’s itinerary I intend to scour the Radio Times to plan my festive viewing, while I listen to timeless Christmas tunes on an Apple Music playlist. This day will also no doubt witness my perennial yule-time pondering at the meaning of line ‘Take a look at the 5 and 10, it’s glistening once again” […]

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A Right Small Glass

This morning, I’m greeted by a beautiful array of colours while I peer bleary eyed through my dining room window. Enhanced by the late autumnal sun, the deep orange of pyracantha, burgundy of sedum and multiple tinctures of winter pansies stare contentedly back at me. In front of me lays a view that’s literally a sight for sore eyes. Basking in solar rays even the moribund perennials, such as the hydrangea, contribute to the overall synergy of this delightful canvas. […]

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Turning The Music Down

A week ago today my family and I embarked on an unwanted existential odyssey of grieving. The unwelcome but not unexpected consequence of our clan leader’s passing. In these fledgling days of sorrow, each member of the brood has dealt with this sad event in their own different ways. Some have offloaded their grief by shedding tears of despair at their loved one’s loss. Others in the family have sought solace through engaging in practical post-death tasks, such as making funeral arrangements and […]

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After Dinner Cordiality

After yesterday evening’s dinner, I indulged in a cordial few hours chatting with my brother Ian in our parent’s dining room. To add to the conviviality, we drank a glass of Hardonnay (chardonnay mixed with Viagra) and smoked cigars specially engineered by my brother from rice paper, Miracle Gro plant compost and the souls of the oppressed. I’m not sure why our kid felt the need to add a penile dysfunction drug to the otherwise pleasant bouquet of […]

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Paternal Appreciation Day

Fathers Day has been and gone. The fat lady has sung, concluding the day when offspring pay their annual thank you to the parent with the beard…… Unless dad doesn’t sport facial hair, or mum does, making my statement less forensically accurate…… But you know what I mean! Around the UK, dad’s wine racks will have been replenished, CD/LP collections added to with albums of artists from pater’s carefree days of […]

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One I Prepared Earlier

Today’s writing companions are the sight and sound of chefs displaying their culinary excellence on TVs Saturday Kitchen…… Or it was until a female Spanish chef started carving up octopus, causing my missus to turn the TV off. I’m not sure what Karen finds so odious about the act of preparing a cephalopod mollusc for human consumption. However, I’m relieved she does as it means we won’t be having it for […]

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Chicken Juggling at Sainsburys

I drove my parents to an out of town shopping centre this afternoon. Which, according to my cutting spouse, makes a change from driving them to drink! The primary reason for the venture being their desire to undertake a food shop at Sainsbury’s supermarket. Despite my pater being not being too chipper at the moment, he stubbornly refused to miss his weekly jaunt to the retail wonderland founded by John Sainsbury in […]

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