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Opus To My Youngest Offspring

A quarter of a century ago today my second and youngest offspring made her surprise appearance in a Bedfordshire hospital. To clarify, when I say surprise I’m referring to the fact my daughter Rachel was born a week early – Not that my wife Karen hadn’t realised she was pregnant. I can relay that observation with a degree of certainty as 7-8 months earlier my spouse informed me “Gary, We’ll […]

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Beast From The East

According to meteorologists and a local pensioner’s bunions, the icy temperatures strangling the UK show no sign of relenting in the coming days. Originating in Scandinavia and dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’, this meteorological front is currently acquiring more column inches than any other news story. Apart, that is, from Saturday’s English rugby defeat at the hands of Scotland, Arsenal football club’s woeful League Cup final performance yesterday; the […]

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You Named Me What?!

A year ago today, Storm Imogen spitefully ravaged large areas of England and Wales. Causing devastation in her wake, the high maintenance Immy’s attention seeking ensured her hissy fit received nationwide recognition, via numerous TV news appearances……….. All this because her hubby Ian wouldn’t buy her that little black number from Harvey Nicks! On witnessing her destruction twelve months ago, in addition to my feelings of sympathy for her victims, […]

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