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Valuable Lesson Learned

Despite being the most distressing life event I’ve thus far experienced, I never wept when my father died in the October of 2017. I similarly remained tear free during his funeral, even while delivering a twenty minute eulogy I’d written as a tribute to a man I adored. A beautiful person whose passing devastated me; his departure leaving a cavernous void in my soul that feels like it’ll never mend. […]

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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Yesterday, with the blindingly low autumn sun necessitating a salute-like shielding of my eyes, I sat Elland Road Stadium in situ with my son Jonny. Our two East Stand seats the exact same ones we secured as season tickets during his childhood. With my now twenty-something son being only 12 years old last time we sat in these pews, the paucity of legroom for adults surprised him. Last time we […]

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Commentary Provided By…

Two years ago today the ‘voice of horse racing’ Sir Peter O’Sullevan passed away at the age of 97. Born in County Down, O’Sullevan was from a generation of legendary sports broadcasters whose distinctive tones guided millions of viewers through the BBC’s weekly sports show Grandstand. It was a time when sport provided me with a wealth of special childhood memories. Those were the pre-Sky Sports days when the Beeb predominantly owned the rights to the “crown jewels” of televised sport in […]

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Poohsticks Winnie? ….. Read On!

I had my weekly telephone chat with my brother Ian this morning. As we live around 100 miles apart we don’t get to meet in person often, so we have a catch up on the phone every Saturday. He’s a right bald git but he’s my bro and I love him. During today’s conversation we discussed his new deep fat fryer, football, cricket, his deep fat fryer again, rugby, my […]

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