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Rhyming Conundrums

Uninvited, unexpected, unwelcome and under our skin, heavy snow is once again ‘gracing’ the populace of West Yorkshire. Woken by my spouse Karen’s singing as she ironed, this morning I jumped out of bed to be greeted yet again by a carpet of snowflakes…… It’s no good, I’m going to have to get that flaming roof fixed! I’ll also have to request the missus stops ironing in my bedroom…… Or, […]

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Storm In A Soufflé Ramekin

As part of the seemingly endless destructive global meteorological events, Storm Brian paid us a visit yesterday. We didn’t invite ‘old Bri’, however, on Friday evening BBC Look North’s Paul Hudson (other weather presenters are available) mentioned to expect him. He also recommended that if Brian did turn up it would be prudent to hide the single malt whisky. Bri’s attendance was did cause some disruption in the UK, but at least he didn’t cause […]

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Plant Name Prompts

I commence this narrative sitting at the patio table in my sanctuaire de jardin. Scanning the cornucopia of colour exhibited in the garden borders, it has occurred to me that I’m unable to recollect the names of a few plants that bring much solace. It can’t be compared to the ignorance of a uninquisitive lothario who doesn’t furnish himself with the moniker of the suitor providing his ‘enjoyment’. However I concede, after all the hard work, more of an effort should […]

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You Named Me What?!

A year ago today, Storm Imogen spitefully ravaged large areas of England and Wales. Causing devastation in her wake, the high maintenance Immy’s attention seeking ensured her hissy fit received nationwide recognition, via numerous TV news appearances……….. All this because her hubby Ian wouldn’t buy her that little black number from Harvey Nicks! On witnessing her destruction twelve months ago, in addition to my feelings of sympathy for her victims, […]

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Naming Conundrums

Bathed in autumnal sunshine, I drove along the M1 this morning heading towards South Leeds. As I approached junction 45 on my recreational jaunt, my mind randomly commenced pondering the naming process behind car glove compartments. After all, in half a century of travel I’ve never seen one pair of gloves in any vehicle in which I’ve journeyed. I realise that naming it after items individuals actually keep in this storage area isn’t that easy. […]

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Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!

Today is Panic Saturday! Apparently, it is the name that has been bestowed upon the last Saturday before Christmas Day. I’m not sure why we in the UK have started titling certain days of the year in this way. Up until a year or two back,  I’d never heard of ‘Black Friday’, ‘Panic Saturday’, ‘Cyber Monday’, ‘Soccer Saturday’ or ‘Stuck Behind A Dickhead On The M1 Tuesday’! ……. Well maybe […]

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