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I feel the earth move under my feet I feel the sky tumbling down I feel my heart start trembling Whenever you’re around A poetic verse from the pen of American song/writer Carole King. A divulgent proclamation starting her 1971 hit named after the first pentad of the lyric. Lexilogical meanderings overtly expressing to her beau the positive affect of his presence. Unashamedly romantic prose unlikely to feature in TV […]

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Yearning To Stop The Gurning

Easter Monday – As I write, I’m plagued by jaw bone discomfort – A self inflicted facial injury, the consequence of my long-term grinding habit. As the act of grating the jaw makes me gurn, it’s a tick I thankfully only carry out in the privacy of my own home. Gratifyingly, I don’t undertake this aesthetically displeasing practice in, say, my local supermarket. There’s little doubt my gross routine of […]

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“Here Is A Box…..”

Within the confines of casa Strachan is a large storage box. Unlike the musical box in 1970’s time-lapse animation kids show Camberwick Green, this particular treasure trove is bereft of an enclosed secret. A particular childhood favourite of mine, from the BBC’s ‘Watch With Mother’ series, the children’s TV programme above commenced with a rotating vessel opening it’s lid to exhibit that weeks main plot character; wood puppet legends such as Windy Miller, PC McGarry or Miss Lovelace. The two containers I’m alluding to are dissimilar in […]

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Lazying On A Slightly Overcast Afternoon

Procrastinating on a cloudy afternoon, my missus and I enjoyed a second show in five days at the York Grand Theatre, on Wednesday. Our entertainment provided by the cast of the show Sunny Afternoon, a musical story conveying the formative years in the 1960s of the band The Kinks. On Saturday our entertainment was courtesy of the saviours of soul The Commitments; yesterday Ray Davies’ back catalogue of working class anthems provided the enjoyable 2.5 hour musical distraction. Before […]

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The Saviours Of Soul

Last Saturday the Irish provided my afternoon entertainment when their national rugby team comfortably beat the Italians 63-10, in Rome. Fast forward seven days to yesterday, and my Saturday afternoon enjoyment was similarly provided by natives of the Emerald Isle. This time, though, it wasn’t rugby players Earls, Heaslip, O’Brien et al exhibiting their undoubted skills. Instead the entertainment distraction was produced by The Soul Man, The Animal, The Lips and the […]

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Luck Be A Lady Tonight… Or A Guy Even!

In a rare act of spontaneity, I booked a last minute theatre trip for my wife and I to see the show Guys & Dolls last night. To enhance the surprise for her I used a cunning ploy to keep the plans from her until as late as humanly possible…… I just didn’t tell her! Actually that isn’t strictly true. I did give Karen two snippets of information about our […]

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