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Pickford’s Moving The Goalposts of Expectation

After all my recent words conveying an indifference about the ongoing football World Cup in Russia I got into the spirit a tad yesterday evening. Watching the England v Colombia on TV I experienced a rare episode of football sourced euphoria. Don’t get me wrong this lack of enthusiasm is a fairly recent emotion for yours truly. A sensibility I put down to an amalgam of middle-age cynicism, along with […]

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Egg, Handkerchief; Handkerchief, Egg

During this morning’s inaugural venture into the kitchen, I was greeted by the much vaunted Eagles anthem Hotel California on Magic radio . To clarify, Magic radio is a digital station that plays classic hits from the 1970’s/80’s and 90’s. It isn’t a channel that gives advice on how to undertake illusions, such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or sawing a scantily clad stage assistant in half. Although never previously dabbling with magic, I have […]

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