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Unachievable Aspirations?

Perching my posterior on a dining chair ready to commence today’s prose, the whirring of power tools are my uninvited audio companion. This din not a consequence of my wife’s new addiction to the Sky Pneumatic Drill channel on cable TV. No, this audible intrusion the result of my neighbour’s ongoing conversion…… Thankfully, Karen only needs a fix of broadcasted power drill cacophony during the early evening broadcasts. To clarify, […]

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Lifestyle Tweaks

I’m in the process of attempting to address the unhealthier elements of my life. This strategy has seen me reduce my diet of fat based food, have a Personal Trainer draw me up an exercise and diet plan, and cessation of utilising the word clunge. This personal fitness and diet programme has already seen me lose 25 pounds, unfortunately that wasn’t weight, I had my pocket picked during a power walk. Seriously, though, I […]

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