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A Brush With Recklessness

As a consequence of yesterday evening failing asleep in the middle of inter-tooth cleaning, this morning I woke to the discomfort of an angled interspace dental brush prodding into my belly button. Understandably, my initial sentiments on discovering the cause of this abdominal irritation was of relief that I’d not […]

The Shoe Chef

The short break I’ve enjoyed from being hospital in-situ since my father’s passing came to it’s conclusion on Monday morning. An unavoidable consequence of my wife’s scheduled appointment with her oncologist at one of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (LTH). Thankfully, she (Karen) was promptly ushered into a consultation room shortly after our arrival, meaning only a […]

Is That Really Chris Rea’s Cousin?

During this mornings car journey to East Ardsley, the car radio treat me (and many others) to Chris Rea performing a live piano version of his 1985 hit Stainsby Girls. Exhibiting his distinctive gruff vocals and displaying pianist skills that usurped late comedian Les Dawson, the song took to an altogether higher plateau of […]

Inanity Fuelled Family Bonding

When I’m writing, I find my creative capacity diminishes as the shadows lengthen in my back garden, resulting in me rarely undertaking the pastime on an evening. The art of penmanship takes on a whole new mantle when I’m feeling jaded, introducing a latency in thought not ordinarily present prior to dejeuner. I suppose it’s only common sense […]

Uncertainty On Surreal Street

Yesterday, I wrote a short story which was completely (but deliberately) barking mad. I have to say, I can’t ever recall enjoying writing anything as much as I did those 1100 words. I belly laughed through large swathes of the text I was writing, as well as a read back during this mornings edit. However, now […]