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One Year

One year then, dad!…… One year since we lost you……. One year since we last witnessed that warm smile…… One year without your words of wisdom……. One year robbed of that calming persona that underpinned the family dynamic. One year which has no doubt seen profits at the Connie Club and the bookie’s on Bradford Road’s plunge……. One year since I last heard the habitual query “Have you still got […]

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Not So Secret Squirrel

Wednesday 18th April – After a night kipping over at mater’s abode, it was an early reveille for yours truly today to undertake my usual Wednesday morning voluntary work at Wakefield Hospice warehouse. This gratis labour my small gesture towards thanking the people who so splendidly cared, supported and comforted my family during his final days of my father’s life. On departure from mother’s Wakefield residence I felt fatigued – […]

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Wakey Wakey for Wakey Hospice

I was up and out of Strachan Towers by 6am this morning – My mission should I wish to accept it (which I did) to attend the Wakefield Hospice 10k run. I hasten to add this wasn’t as a participant, my days of middle distance running now firmly behind me. Now only distant memories untidily filed in a portal of my mind titled ‘Sports Participation Recollections’. In truth, I haven’t […]

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Raising A Glass

I didn’t feel compelled to sit down and pen my daily thoughts yesterday. The darkness of the place I found myself following the passing of my father overnight prohibiting any creative want……. On reflection, perhaps grieving alone in the cupboard under the stairs wasn’t such a good idea after all. Our beloved family head passed away peacefully around midnight in his hospice room. His broods emotions torn between the sadness at being bereft […]

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The Wrath of Karma

I’m unable to visit my dad in the hospice with the rest of the family until this afternoon. The consequence of Karma, in her infinite wisdom, decreeing my past misdemeanours warrant a current existence of two close family members with incurable illness. I’m unsure what’s caused Karma’s wrath, but I’m beginning to regret stealing segments of our Ian’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange at Christmas in 1973. The righter of wrongs can be a cruel mistress, […]

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Serenity in Stanley

Since embarking on this literary voyage, I’ve written these tales of inanity in a multitude of establishments. Today’s offering is being penned in, or just outside, my moribund dad’s room in a West Yorkshire hospice. The circumambulating atmosphere a justapos of the distressing sight of witnessing a loved one’s suffering in the last hours of their life, along with the calming environment of care and serenity. Opinions vary on whether […]

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Calm Before The Storm

This afternoon I had my inaugural visit to a hospice, when I dropping in on a close family member. Obviously, like anyone of sound mind, these end of life care facilities aren’t residences I’ve ever had the remotest desire to visit; either as a patient or visitor. It is taken as read that these establishments will exude calm for it’s stricken patients and desolate families. After all these domains are ordinarily a metaphorical departure lounge for love ones. Calming environments that bequeath […]

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