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Very Much Alive Poets Society

Yesterday, York racecourse was Mr & Mrs Strachan’s destination of choice. Ladies Day at the EBOR meeting our locale for a sensible flutter on the gee gees** and a swift shandy or two. ** – For the uninitiated, gee gees are horses not a Bee Gees tribute act. The enchanting Knavesmire course, scene of Dick Turpin’s hanging in 1739***, not to mention the place where in 2013 Mrs Karen Strachan […]

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“I’ll Have 50p Each Way On…..”

It’s Grand National day this coming Saturday. A day of equine drama, jubilation, despair and, for many in the UK, their only sporting bet of the year. The throng of once a year punters, a well subscribed club of who myself belong – Apart from the few days a year when I go racing at the York Knavesmire course. The group with who I’m a paid up member (well I […]

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Unorthodox Betting Strategies

The Knavesmire racecourse in York was the destination of yesterday’s sojourn for my wife and yours truly; the event in question, Ladies Day of the annual Ebor meeting. It’s a day that creates unfettered colour from jockey silks, along with the splendid outfits of peacock suited ladies and gents. This aesthetically pleasing kaleidoscopic vision enhanced further by the majesty of witnessing flat horses in full flight, the joy of procuring a winning bet and indulging in […]

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Watching The Gee Gees

Throwback to two years ago and a day at the races……. Yesterday, the Strachan brood had a day at York races. We witnessed packed crowds, sunny weather and sporadic luck…………. And that’s just three of the horses I backed that let me down! There’s not much I enjoy more than to get ‘suited and booted’ and watch the gee gees, especially at the upmarket Knavesmire racecourse. Apart from maybe watching/playing football and cricket….. dining out….. […]

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Race Day Recollections

Today, a well known social media site that rhymes with Racehook reminded that two years ago today I spent a day at the races, where I met up with an old friend from Gateshead. I’m not sure why I’m making a poor attempt at providing the website anonymity, but as my mum has always advocated “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”…… Actually she says “It’s better to be sorry than safe.”, but I suspect she means […]

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Never Back A Gift Horse In the 2.40

My preparations for Karen’s up and coming 50th birthday continue at a pace. Due to her illness, she has requested I spend money on different shows, gigs and maybe breaks in 2016 as gifts, as opposed to an expensive keepsake like jewellery or framing the winter gas bill! With this in mind, she has already attended Adele, Mariah Carey, Paul Heaton, and Riverdance shows already this year. Additionally, we had […]

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