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Pilgrimage to Strachan – Part Two

Two years ago, almost to the day, I embarked on a trip to the Scottish village where my surname originates. At the time, I wrote three narratives journaling my voyage, all of which I am in the process of editing. Below is an updated version chronicling the second part of that expedition……. At the end of the first narrative on my road trip around Scotland, I had reached the picturesque Aberdeenshire village of Strachan. A visit to this enchanting village in north east […]

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Unlimited Food For Thought

When you reside in the United Kingdom, there has to be an acceptance (begrudged or otherwise) of the unpredictability of its temperate climate. Our summers are unlikely to bequeath us sustained periods of sunshine. However, on the flip side, unless you live in Frank the butcher’s walk in freezer, winters are ordinarily milder than those of continental Europe. An erudite acquaintance informs me, this relatively narrow spectrum of temperatures throughout […]

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Talking Balearics

I travelled back to Blighty yesterday after an enjoyable seven days on the Balearic Island of Menorca. It was an unremarkable journey home, which started with an hours bus transfer from our hotel to Mahon airport. As with all airport transfers it was elongated by picking up fellow homeward bound holidaymakers from hostalries in our resort. With the early bus collection the passengers body language was one of tiredness, sadness […]

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Frontier Gibberish With Giscard

Today is my final full day in Menorca. It has to be said it’s been seven days of relaxation, lolling around, procrastination and the recharging of batteries. Yes you guessed it, such a tight ass I’ve been utilising the hotels power socket to render my rechargeable batteries fit for purpose again! Both Karen and I have found this to be a good hotel, with friendly staff, decent food, good quality […]

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I’ve just had cause to rebuke myself whilst laid around our hotel swimming pool. The self scolding became necessary after a random thought on seeing a topless women walk past my lounger. As someone firmly entrenched in middle age, when the women in question walked past my immediate thought was that she had majestic breasts. To clarify, this thought wasn’t intended to be lurid or self-gratifying. Moreover, that her boobs […]

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Let There Be Light

Last year on a break in Lanzarote I purchased a wristwatch that became affectionately known as my holiday watch. I know that affection and watches aren’t normally bed fellows, but any port in a storm and all that…….. No, I haven’t got a clue what that means either! It’s not a particularly flashy watch. It is unlikely to win me the Institute of Horology’s ‘Flash Holiday Watch of The Year’ […]

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The Perils of Random

Every now and then a unexpected comment or act is so random it cannot fail to bring a smile to your face.  An incident of this very nature happened to yours truly yesterday evening, on the unexpected receipt of a text message. This electronic communication arrived at my phone during the evening while sat enjoying the entertainment in our Menorcan hotel. At the time the message arrived, I was impatiently waiting for my […]

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