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Any Old Iron

Living back in the matriarchal abode has many challenges, one of which the regression back nearly half a century to experiencing admonishment for actions my mother finds irritating. This includes the incessant tapping of my fingers on the kitchen table, bad table manners and the increasing use of curse words, which in recent months have habitually entered my conversation. Maggie (the family matriarch) is of the opinion that use of […]

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Empty Chair at Empty Table

Wednesday 11th April (Part 2) – I’m currently sitting in my mum’s dining room as I commence penning this my second offering of the day. In the living room mater receives her Monday to Friday evening fix of soap operas. Although, seemingly harmless, an addiction that thankfully hasn’t thus far afflicted me during this life odyssey. As I listen through the adjoining door at the old lady labelling a Coronation Street character […]

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A Warm Welcome

Sunday 8th April – It was a fillip to see my brother Ian at the weekend. A Friday overnight stop at the abode in Gateshead he shares with his fiancée Ann. Divided by 100 miles of the A1, it was fairly rare quality time I shared with my sibling. As always, occasions where he raises my spirits and I raise his weekly food bill. Akin to one of mum and […]

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Solving A Conundrum

Yesterday I wrote a narrative disclosing ten things you probably didn’t know about me. It was light hearted list, deliberately made daft, irrelevant, and uninformative. Without re-reading it, I can’t recollect most of the nonsense I penned; the only one springing to mind being ‘Little Jimmy Osmond taught my dog the piano.’…… A fact that was, of course, ridiculous and clearly untrue…….. Jimmy was a trombone teacher! After reading the draft prose, my wife Karen expressed disappointment at the inane choices I’d included within […]

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