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Dissing The Disease

Tomorrow morning I’ll be partaking in a voluntary collection for Marie Curie cancer care. My presence a small contribution towards the raising of funds during the organisation’s March Daffodil Appeal […]

Ever Decreasing Circles

Apparently, spring is around the corner. I’m unsure which corner it’s hiding behind, however I wish it’d stop procrastinating and get it’s ass back to Blighty pronto. Circling low pressure […]

Literature, Leg Warmers & Lactate

The sound of a TV fitness broadcast is within earshot as I commence this literary offering. Sitting on my posterior in my dining area, I grow evermore uncomfortable as I […]

Turning The Music Down

A week ago today my family and I embarked on an unwanted existential odyssey of grieving. The unwelcome but not unexpected consequence of our clan leader’s passing. In these fledgling days of sorrow, each member of the […]
Turning The Music Down

Prose In Repose

Wintertide At The Fox Parkland situ alehouse Stout of porter and constitution Thou comforting embers aglow Warming soul and spirit from unwanted chill. Wintertide sanctuary from Theoi Meteoroi Sustain thy […]
Prose In Repose

A Life in Caricature

A life in caricature; yeti’s shield Court jester his sabre; difference he abhorred Two score summers and ten, seeking tribe Foolishly acquiescing, belonging incumbent.   Caricature now reconciled at possessing mind random […]

Sonnet Spontaneous

Sonnet spontaneous Unplanned prose defiling chaste page Epiphany evasive; topic timid Dining chair in situ; inspiration yeti’s holy grail Sustenance on hold in domain digestion. Newsday of sloth speed, subject secreted safely […]

Pen On Pen

In the thirty years I worked in IT I engaged with some very erudite individuals. People who’s technical wherewithal was/is so vast, if they chose to journal their information technology knowledge they could probably fill a […]
Pen On Pen

Conversations Around The Coven

Conversations around the coven Non-existent words, non-existent humanity Locutions from locations without erudition You can fool some of the people all of the time Like hound dog mistreated, yeti will […]

Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam and jetsam, Debris influx, terra firma destination final Curlicue waves thine volition Calm post-storm wreckage; redemption from waves unruly Remnants in sanctuary, steadfast in surviving brow-beating.   Flotsam and jetsam, In […]

Sanctuaire de Kaleidoscopique

Sanctuaire de kaleidoscpocique Deciduous trees in backdrop, gossiping in mumble, volition breeze Jardin yeti’s zone o’ comfort; pyracantha unforgiving spikes sole nemesis Beauty horticultural is fete accompli Sweat, doggedness drivers […]


Fallen from crest, carer careers Heads for terra firma recalcitrantly Clutched from catastrophe thy fate? Or destiny distressing, firma terra destination? Tune in next week Same bat time, same bat […]