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King James of Kogarah

Yesterday, I was saddened to hear about the passing of Australian writer/broadcaster Clive James. A man whose erudite and witty essays in his book ‘Unreliable Memories‘, like Woody Allen’s comedic tomes in ‘Without Feathers‘ and numerous whimsical Les Dawson monologues, were catalysts for my dabbling in the domaine de l’écriture humoristique. James’ Sunday evening broadcasts on ITV were also a great favourite of mine in the 1980’s. His dry and acerbic […]

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Sitting in an armchair in my mother’s lounge, there’s an audio accompaniment of clattering crockery emanating from the kitchen as I commence today’s journal. This distracting sound courtesy of her returning freshly washed breakfast bowls, plates and cutlery to their allotted sections of the chamber’s cupboards and drawers. A task I ordinarily assist with when visiting Mrs S senior’s abode, but as I wanted to ‘crack on’ with this literary […]

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Death & All His Friends

During a period of pondering over my own mortality post cardiac arrest, one of the notions I briefly dwelt upon was what I’d have missed most should the coin have landed on the other side and GJ Strachan hadn’t survived the incident. Despite being capricious of mood and, as my mother would say, exhibiting a visage that at times “Could stop a clock“, there are occasions my body language can […]

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Raising A Glass

I didn’t feel compelled to sit down and pen my daily thoughts yesterday. The darkness of the place I found myself following the passing of my father overnight prohibiting any creative want……. On reflection, perhaps grieving alone in the cupboard under the stairs wasn’t such a good idea after all. Our beloved family head passed away peacefully around midnight in his hospice room. His broods emotions torn between the sadness at being bereft […]

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Planet Earth Is Blue

This morning I was saddened to hear of the death of David Bowie. In a era where new music predominantly comes in the way of insipid unoriginal offerings by boy/girl bands, reality TV contestants and boy/girl bands who were reality TV contestants, it’s dispiriting to lose a true musical legend. Bowie was an original. His creative journey avoiding the conveyor belt of mediocrity ridden by so many other artists who’ve plyed the same […]

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