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Come On In And Close The Door

Rejoice – The wanderer has returned!!…. A metaphoric celestial choir exults the Yorkshire girl’s recrudescence; the Strachan home awash with joy at once again holding the daughter absent for over four score months. Two years where as she sampled life in the land of the maple leaf. The Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park providing the beatific backdrops during times of labour and numerous adrenalin fuelled pastimes. One of which […]

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Happy Birthday To Ya…..

March 1993 – The clear spring sky grants unhindered visual access to the Piscean constellation lording it above a Bedfordshire hospital. A celestial display festooned majestically overhead; the new day only minutes old as it witnesses the girl child’s arrival. The babe’s advent seven days earlier than anticipated, catching her twenty-something parents on the hop. The root cause of the babe’s previous arrival unknown. However, subsequent analysis by yours truly […]

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Birthday Prose To Offspring

Twenty six years ago tomorrow, in a Bedfordshire hospital maternity ward, my second offspring made a surprise appearance. To clarify, when I say surprise I’m referring to the fact my new-born daughter Rachel was born a week early – Not my wife Karen hadn’t realised she was pregnant. An observation I can relay with certainty as 7-8 months earlier, while walking our goldfish Harry around Luton’s Stockwood Park, Karen excitedly […]

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Opus To My Youngest Offspring

A quarter of a century ago today my second and youngest offspring made her surprise appearance in a Bedfordshire hospital. To clarify, when I say surprise I’m referring to the fact my daughter Rachel was born a week early – Not that my wife Karen hadn’t realised she was pregnant. I can relay that observation with a degree of certainty as 7-8 months earlier my spouse informed me “Gary, We’ll […]

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Inanity Fuelled Family Bonding

When I’m writing, I find my creative capacity diminishes as the shadows lengthen in my back garden, resulting in me rarely undertaking the pastime on an evening. The art of penmanship takes on a whole new mantle when I’m feeling jaded, introducing a latency in thought not ordinarily present prior to dejeuner. I suppose it’s only common sense that after a day of neurological activity the effectiveness of the old grey matter is reduced. Today, though, I’ve decided […]

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Hey Mr Postman

I’m in a high state of alert sitting penning this prose. Yours truly is under strict orders from my daughter Rachel not to move from the living room of maison de Strachan while she’s at work – A consequence of the expected arrival of an urgent package I’m required to sign for on behalf of my youngest child. No, it’s not the delayed arrival of the  ‘My Little Pony’ we […]

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Richy Rachy Roo

My little girl Rachel is 23 today. As the song goes:- “23 today, 23 today. She’s got the key to the door, Never been 23 before” I know the song is written about the milestone of reaching the 21 and not 23, but we didn’t trust Rach with the front door key at 21! ……. And I’m not aware of a real celebratory song to mark your 23rd birthday so […]

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