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What’s The Time, Mrs Wolf?

If only I were a rich man! – A sentiment subscribed to by those who feel there’s happy every afters in that there pretty green. A misguided idea believing being well off is the route to a trouble-free existence; a catalyst to a utopian place where misery and anxiety dare not darken it’s door. There is a saying that “I’d rather be poor in a mansion, than skint in a […]

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The Final Purge

Saturday 28th April – Childhood ‘Oor Wullie’ and ‘The Broons’ annuals, original Ladybird books from the 1970’s, family photos from the last seventy years and a commemorative plate from the 1981 marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer – Just a snapshot of the gems unearthed during this morning’s final purge of mater’s garage. Brother Ian and my younger days flashed before our eyes when box or tea chest […]

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Voting By Ordeal

Despite my indifference to dining at the unappetising looking General Election buffet table, I’ll soon be embarking on the short journey to choose a dish that I’ll no doubt find unfulfilling, which will at some point riddle me with indigestion. Above is a poetic attempt at communicating my imminent departure to vote in the UK General Election. It also reveals my complete lack of enthusiasm for the task in hand, due […]

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Tomorrow’s Big Decision

The capriciousness that has recently left it’s stench of indecision around chez Strachan, has risen a notch as we get close to tomorrow’s big choice. If your wondering what the stench of indecision is like, it’s not unlike the aroma of a curry…… or is that pizza?! This Thursday, after weeks of pondering, contemplation and pondering, the big day will eventually be here…… Incidentally, writing the word pondering twice in the sentence above wasn’t an error on my part; […]

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