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A New Literary Venture

As written about previously in the narrative My 2020 Vision, I plan to cut back on the number of blogs I pen for a short period in order to concentrate on re-writing a 370+ page draft tome initially written in spring of 2010. This a fictional emotional support team who bear the title of BEST (Birtdale Emotional Support Team), based on the Samaritans. A literary vehicle that affords me opportunity to […]

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“Tapas For Table Twelve!”

My wife is currently deep in conversation with a friend on the telephone, mainly appraising her about a fictional book she’d just finished. I hope her friend isn’t overly fussed about reading this tome as Karen has just talked her through it’s ‘unexpected’ ending. Evidently, this conclusion involved a homicidal chef being murdered and eaten by his spouse. As alluded to, my other half Karen wasn’t expecting this finale despite it’s less than cryptic title ‘The Woman Who At The End Ate Her Murdering Chef Husband’. Despite manfully attempting to shut out […]

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Two Soups & A Pot Noodle

In my newly acquired role of dissenter against the mainstream, I often cock a snook at the world and push existential boundaries to their limits with acts of wanton recklessness. Yesterday this growing list of daring doo was augmented after I fearlessly cooked a couple of batches of homemade soup. This novel role of dissenter pays poorly, but the hours are good and there’s a subsidised crèche. With my two kids being in their mid-20’s, I have no […]

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Lounge Loitering in Leeds

After a pain free car journey in rush hour traffic on the Leeds inner ring road, followed by breakfast muffin sustenance in the Bexley Wing Costa coffee, I’m now invigorated and ready for the day ahead. Getting out of bed for Karen’s early appointment with her oncologist required some effort today. In fact, it took a crow bar and the Cross Gates tug-of-war team to drag me unceremoniously from my […]

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Based On A Novel By A Man Named Lear

“When I first said I wanted to be a comedian, everybody laughed……. They’re not laughing now.” So mused the late, great British comedian Bob Monkhouse. I thought of this joke as I rolled out of bed this morning. I was still half asleep and shortly to trip over the boxer shorts I’d carelessly discarded the previous evening. Thankfully, I didn’t sustain any injury, although the boxers received an unwelcome rip from a […]

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