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Burning Up His Fuse Up There Alone

As I start this monologue, yours truly lounges unceremoniously in a dining room armchair. Ten minutes earlier I was dining unceremoniously in a lounge armchair?! This maverick misuse of architectural design a juxtaposition of which I’ve a self-indulgent weakness. On commencement of this sentence my wife Karen has kindly wandered from the kitchen bearing gifts of a mug of tea and a piece of velvet cake, which she carries with […]

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That’s Easy For You To Say!

A sojourn to Junction 32 Retail Outlet at Castleford was this mornings little adventure for GJ Strachan. It was a productive trip for the northern Englishman, during which he purchased Christmas cards, a couple of yuletide gifts and made the maverick decision to henceforth write about himself in the third person…… Well in this narrative anyway! The decision by the wannabe writer was made in a bid to test the versatility of his penmanship. Thankfully, […]

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No Mr Bond, I Expect You To Enjoy Your Birthday!

The first James Bond, Scottish National Party (SNP) supporter and man who turned down a chance to play for Manchester United in his twenties, Sir Thomas Sean Connery is 85 today. Yesterday, I passed the very same details as the paragraph above to a group of friends. Their responses ranged from  “Ah, I didn’t realise his first name was Thomas!” and “Blimey, I hadn’t heard he’d had an offer to […]

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