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Practical Gift For A 50 Year Old

I’ve just booked my train tickets for my venture up to the north east of England tomorrow. With hospitality courtesy of my brother Ian and his fiancée Ann, in addition to an evening imbibing beer in the company of affable friends, it’s a welcome diversion from the less salubrious elements de l’existence de Gary Strachan. The gathering in Gateshead has been organised to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday. If it follows the […]

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A Right Cary On!

Due to her 8:15am hospital appointment for a CT scan, Karen and I were out of the house at 7.30am this morning. She greeted this investigative work with the similar stoicism she’s exhibited during numerous other appointments over the last half decade. Without fail she displays a prodigious positivity whether it be appointments with oncologists, neurologists, skeletal consultants, or the host of nursing and ancillary staff that have cared for […]

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Mrs Strachan’s Red Letter Day

I’m sure she won’t mind me disclosing this, but my wife is 50 later this year. It is a landmark birthday that five years ago, when she was diagnosed with incurable illness, we thought she wouldn’t see. With this in mind, the family are eager to ensure this materialises into a memorable few months for Karen Strachan. A joyous time for the brave lady enhanced by a collection of special experiences. So […]

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