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Why? Why? Why?

I’ve felt physically drained over the past few days. Witnessing this constant rain seemingly bearing the same energy depleting qualities which Samson experienced after a trip to the barbers. The Nazarite’s flowing locks, which initially attracted him to his beau Delilah, the fabled source of his immense strength. Their removal rendering him vulnerable to enemies, as well as less inclined to respond positively when his barber asked him “Something for […]

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“To The Man Cave!!”

Yours truly is sitting on the bed in casa Strachan’s spare room as I commence this monologue. My current domain, the smallest of the three upstairs chambers gracing my humble abode, which doubles as a man cave and occasional panic room. Its use as a panic room ordinarily manifests from a need to hide after forgetting to record cable TV shows for my wife. Either that or from incurring her wrath […]

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Dance With My Father

As a consequence of its sloping physical geography from the east Gateshead area of Wrekenton down to the Team Valley, my childhood home at Low Fell was ‘blessed’ with a back garden bearing a 25% (1 in 4 in old money) incline. The late 1960’s Leech built three bedroomed semi-detached, purchased by my parents at that time when relocating from Leeds, coming complete with a huge clay soil hill as […]

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As I recall, the Low Fell library was built-in the early 1970’s. Progress of its construction at the corner of Durham Road and Chowdene Bank something I witnessed during games of football on adjacent grassland on the cusp of a small dene. A near neighbour of the Thomas Wilson WMC. A club I’m told was named after an acclaimed Low Fell based poet. I didn’t ask the person who informed […]

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Impractically Imperfect In Some Ways

“Mrs Dragons, Stanley’s spoiling our skipping game!”  An oft heard piece of tittle-tattle aimed at my mum during her patrols of the Oakfield Infant School (OIS) playground in late 1970s Gateshead. Her role as dinner nanny at the Low Fell nursery exposing the Leeds lady to the regular telling of tales, in particular other pupil’s disclosure of a young pupil called Stanley’s mischief. Mrs Dragons, the moniker bestowed upon my […]

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Whatever Happened To You?…..

Yesterday in Fit For A Princess I wrote of a moored ex-ferry that in the 1980’s was revamped into a floating nightclub on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne. It’s location close to where the Sage arena now sits. Also located only a stones throw from where the Sage resides stood the now demolished Hawks Road factory my dad managed during the 1970’s/80’s. This company, who’s Leeds headquarters pater left for […]

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Say Cheese!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve posted a number of my narratives onto two Facebook groups whose members have links to my childhood home, Low Fell in Gateshead. These pieces of prose a selection of newly penned and previously written recollections from childhood. Partly factually/partly fictional, their publication was driven by my desire to paint a whimsical insight into growing up in 1970’s Gateshead. These yarns have led to […]

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