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2 kids who've flown the nest, 1 wife whose flown with Jet2. Born at a young age in 1960's Leeds, the author became interested in the literary life when his wife bought him a dog. Having an allergy to dogs, he swapped it for a typewriter. Being unable to train the typewriter to retrieve tennis balls, he reluctantly turned to writing...... Website -

Exercise Plans & Home Repairs

This morning a gym class, along with overseeing the replacement of a toilet flush mechanism at my marital home, held priority over chronicling this essay. Consequently, it was 2.30pm before my posterior parked itself on a cafe shop chair to pen these reflexions decalees. I’m not overly fazed by this delay, experience indicates yours truly ordinarily requires only around two hours to attain my daily goal of the 500 word […]

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Five Second Rule Conundrum

Today’s journaling of my daily musings was delayed by yours truly’s ham-fisted spillage of potato crisps; subsequently necessitating a clearing of chips enveloping the laptop keyboard. The typing keys laden with these potato, sunflower oil and sea salt snacks briefly hamstringing my ability to wax lyrical about recent life events (fact or fiction). On witnessing the ungainly scattering of tuck, I’d a conundrum whether or not to eat the spilled […]

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What Do I Owe You?!

Today sees a late start to yours truly chronicling my daily observations. Due to two visits to the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC) with Mrs Strachan senior, it’s now almost 4.30pm as I commence jotting down Tuesday’s notions. The initial sojourn to the south Leeds retail outlet embarked upon to secure Maggie’s weekly comestibles; the latter a consequence of neglecting to purchase birthday cards on the first trip. Although both […]

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Yee Ha!… It’s Boss Hogg Day!!

I have it on good authority that the 2nd February was Groundhog Day. An occasion citizen’s of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, observe the behaviour of local groundhogs as they emerge from their burrows. In particular their reactions to that day’s meteorological conditions. Folklore decreeing:- If it’s cloudy on first leaving their burrows spring will arrive before the vernal equinox. If it’s sunny then the groundhog will retreat into the burrow after seeing […]

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Grinning Vokes

After a brief sabbatical close to the town of Whitby, I’m back in Leeds. My maison de vacances for the last few days located a five minute stroll from Skinningrove beach, North Yorkshire. It’s unspoilt cove the outstanding feature of this coastal village; a locale which exists in capricious harmony with the North Sea’s unforgiving waves and bracing winds. Gust-sourced sandstorms providing a perfect remedy for clearing ones woolly heads resultant […]

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New Dawn, New Day, New Month

It’s the 1st February. As two of my late dad’s songwriting heroes Anthony Newley and Leslie Briscusse once wrote in their much covered refrain ‘Feeling Good‘:- “It’s a new dawn It’s a new day It’s a new life For me…….” Well, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new month….. Although, suggesting it’s a new life for me is perhaps somewhat stretching it! My second blog of […]

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Fiction – You Couldn’t Make It Up!

Today, I’m taking a hiatus from editing a tome yours truly drafted in 2010. Although, I’m finding the re-write fulfilling and cathartic, I’m resolved to at least one day a week pen an essay in my habitual blogging style. With amendment required, the reworking of the decade old prose is a slow process; if proof needed thus far I’ve only succeeded in redrafting 20 out of the original 370 fictional […]

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