Memories of Fizzgog

My inaugural view of a static holiday home being towed into place by a tractor greets me as I sit down to write this latest journal.

From the paragraph above, you’ve probably gathered I’m not located at my usual ‘go to’ penning perches, ie the office/bedroom at my mother’s West Yorkshire home, or one of the Costa coffee houses at Leeds’ White Rose Shopping Centre. Neither place, you’ll be unsurprised to hear, rarely affording sights of tractors relocating statics residences…. When saying rarely I of course mean never.

I’m spending a two night break at a East Yorkshire caravan sights with a friend, her adult daughters and their two kids. GJ Strachan having forty eight hours, or so, being enlightened as to the wonders of Peppa Pig and the cast of Paws Patrol.

With me being currently bereft of grandchildren, the kids TV zeitgeist has been a bit of an unknown quantity until this enlightening last few hours in which I found out what now entertains the UK’s youngest progeny.

CGI ‘s made huge changes to kid’s TV show aesthetics and quality (not necessarily for the better) since the 1990’s. A time when my now adult children Jonny and Rachel pestered yours truly to switch channels, allowing them opportunity to view the likes of Rosie & Jim, Button Moon and a variety of other less-CGI enhanced broadcasts.

Not everything has changed though. For example, pain from standing on the show’s plastic merchandising remains exactly the same in contemporary times as it did in 1995. A fully weight bearing unsheathed foot coming into contact with floor in situ plastic Paw Patrol figures smarting every bit as much as standing on a Lego Fizzgog (from Rosie & Jim) back in the day.

Actually, if truth be told, there probably wasn’t a Fizzgog Lego figure produced, and maybe not even those for the main show protagonists Rosie or Jim. However, I added the Ragdoll boat driver into the fictional mix as my kids (and indeed I) thought Fizzgog to be a wonderfully silly name….. And more importantly, that piece of potential misinformation doesn’t detract from the fact standing on Lego still bloody hurt as much now, as it did then.

Boat driver Fizzgog with passengers Rosie and Jim

Despite encountering physical discomfort from standing bare footed on plastic kids cartoon characters, the last twenty four hours have gone some way towards improving my mental health, which’s recently resided in a ditch lower than the floor where Paw Patrol figure I stood on earlier….. Although, to be honest, as the static home’s floor is around two foot above terra firma that’s probably not the best idiom I’ve ever proffered.

The company of new friends, accompanied by the endearingly naive banter of very young kids, contributing towards thoughts which are a great deal less stark than those at reveille on Monday morning. A juncture when, much to my chagrin, I’d no option but concede the role of my mum’s full-time carer was beyond me.

My building resentment and frustration at having to put my life on hold in the last six months and foreseeable future necessitating, for the sake of my mental health, I’d to step away from the edge – Both metaphorically and (the way things were descending out of control) potentially literally.

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