Christmas Island, South of Java

This morning my website hosted an inaugural tarry from a citizen of Christmas Island. Like all of my global cousins, this guest, although not targeting my web domain from position of specific invitation, was warmly welcome to view my literary fare.  The Indian Ocean island a 153rd source country whose populace had targeted my website.

These the misguided members of a worldwide family, who at some point must’ve resided on such a plateau of monotony their despairing souls were moved to notion “I’m bored!….. Think I’ll see what inane b*ll*cks Strachan’s been spewing at his website readers.”……Or a sentiment along those tracks.

A cast of nations who I cordially welcome to review my 1,860 blogs, on the condition everyone wipes their feet prior to entering. This cosmopolitan congregation including citizens from Macau SAR China, Sint Maarten, Montserrat, Aruba, Rwanda, Djibouti, Brunei, Swaziland, Faroe Islands, Cote d’Ivoire, the Falkland Islands and Benin.

I’ll be honest, while undertaking website admin, on seeing a Christmas Island native amongst my visitors,  it was necessary to seek out this islet’s locale, via phoning a friend in the shape of my good buddy Google.

After confirmation my desired detail related to Christmas Island and not Christmas in Ireland, the search engine advised me the Island is located in the Indian Ocean, with an area of 135 square kilometres (52 sq mi). This Australian territory, which boasts our own Queen Elizabeth II as monarch, bearing co-ordinates of 350 kilometres (220 mi) south of Java and Sumatra.

Footnote – Unlike the geographically incorrect title of 1969 movie Krakatoa, East of Java (the volcano was actually west of the island), I’ve no reason to disbelieve Google’s positing that Christmas Island is south of Java.


The shaded areas of the globe are countries where I’ve had website hits….. It appears I need to up my game in Greenland, South Africa and the Middle East.

As I write a neighbour is barbecuing. The aroma of sausage and burger fat splattered on heated briquettes advertising the unashamed boast to our immediate neighbourhood “My tea smells better than yours!”…… And by god it does!!

I’ve not been lucky enough to sample home grilled barbecue food since I left my marital home last June. My mum’s indifference to a platter cooked alfresco derailing any hope of that menu option being adopted any time soon.

It’s not as though she’s adverse to grilled food, which she’ll happily consume if cooked indoors. For some god forsaken reason, though, burgers, steak, chicken et al if defiled by the merest hint of bbq heat are a concession too far for the old lady!

Even though I don’t subscribe to the luddite sentiments which underpin her decision, I understand on some level why she is reticent to embrace food that weren’t a staple British diet when she grew up. However, refusing a dish that was grilled outdoors that she’d have perfectly happily eaten if cooked indoors, baffles me.

To conclude this narrative, I’d like to say hello to my new Easter Island visitor to……. Hope you enjoyed the experience and return soon!

Stay well!!

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