It’s rare experiencing a day when I can’t be bothered to write, but Sunday 25th November 2018 is one of them. The reason remains an enigma, although faffing around for over an hour attempting to improve my laptop’s performance is definitely one of the contributing factors.

My device is currently running slower than the Leeds United Football Club (LUFC) defence in the 2004/5 season, when ‘ the whites’ centre-backs were Sean Gregan and Paul Butler. If you’re not acquainted with the two gentleman, they displayed similar fleet of foot to a sloth with an anvil on it’s back…… On particularly bad days at the office an anvil with a sloth on it’s back would’ve been more apt description.

Despite my tongue in cheek comments, Gregan and Butler were great servants to the club in that season – A campaign when LUFC got to the Championship Play-Off finals.

That being said, they’d be first to admit they weren’t blessed with pace. Instead, their forte was marshalled that LUFC defence in an uncompromising style which to some extent mitigated against the footballer’s oil tanker turning speed.

As proved by the fact LUFC were one game from promotion to the Premiership that year, Gregan and Butler’s style was ordinarily effective at keeping opposing strikers at bay.

The local blood transfusion service knew they’d always be a chance of replenishing stocks whenever the LUFC team sheet contained the names of the defensive duo.

These inadvertent, although much appreciated, donations a consequence of cuts to opposition players, or the LUFC duo themselves. Generally forehead or eyebrow lacerations, rendering the front of their football shirts a predominantly scarlet colour.

Injuries sustained by Gregan and Butler’s refusal to ‘take a backward step’ on that oh so emerald pitch in LS11. Not to mention, a consequence of both defender’s determination not to be soft s***es, bearing the ignominy of ending a game without scars or bruise-free testicles.

Today’s indifference at putting font to Word document not only a consequence of my laptop’s poor performance, but also the extra time it’s taking me to undertake the writing process with a newly introduced screen editing function on my website.

It maybe just unfamiliarity with this function, however I’m finding the adding of images/videos and published the end product more cumbersome than with it’s predecessor. I’m possibly missing the point, but I’m really not sure what the benefits of the new clunkier block formatting are. I’m also encountering issues adding categories and tags to my work.

Don’t get me wrong, in three and a half years of using WordPress I’ve had absolutely no qualms about any part of their product or service. Be that the support, themes, usability, availability or cost, they’ve made my website journey incident free and enjoyable as a an e-odyssey can be.

I suspect I’m part of a pilot plan, undertaking user acceptance testing in live, prior to this new editor being rolled out to the remainder of WordPress’ website community.

GJ Strachan being utilised as a guinea pig, bereft of it’s cage wheel…… Although, I’m unsure if guinea pigs use wheels during leisure time. I’m probably confusing them with hamsters!

Anyhow, despite not feeling remotely motivated to pen a narrative today, I’ve written 500+ words. To close I just wanted to say to WordPress that despite our fractious week together I still love you……. Although, remain adamant about not having anymore kids at my age!!