Rough Journey – Blog #10

I have been chatting to my friend Joe today who has just had a bad flight back from Paphos in Cyprus. Joe is normally a very good flier but on this occasion he spent four hours feeling nauseous, angry, despondent and in a highly agitated state. I suppose that will teach him to pick ‘Jedward – The Autobiography’ as his inbound flight book to read!

I think his health isn’t helped by his love of red wine. He is so addicted to it he has specified he wants to take his wine collection with him when he pops off this mortal coil. I’m not convinced it’s a good idea though as he will end up being flambed instead of cremated!


My wife and daughter have just had a disagreement over voting in the forthcoming General Election….. Karen advised that in her opinion Rachel she should utilise her right to vote as her great grandma died trying to get to vote nearly a century ago!

She wasn’t a suffragette; she got run over by a tram on the way to the Polling Station in Darlington!


Sounds as though there have been some terrible injuries sustained when my chunky sister-in-law went horse riding this morning. According to Karen there has been multiple back, rib and leg injuries!

Thankfully the vet says the horse should be ok after a week or two! He prescribed a course of painkillers for the horse, and a four week Weight Watchers diet for my sister in law!

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